Welcome Winter by Making Your Lounge Cosy and Comfy

Lounge with Fireplace

Scared of cold winter? No need. Just welcome it by making your home particularly the lounge cosy and comfy. You must protect your house against chills and icy gales. Not only will all the inmates feel relaxed and active here but also your guests, if they drop in.

Here we are with our fabulous ideas of cosy and comfy touches covering the whole range from the warm hues to the layers of textured accessories. Try them and make the most widely used area of your home cosy and inviting for the upcoming chilly season. You are sure to enjoy yourself in the sweet warmth of your living area.

  1. Try texture as much as you can

Giving your lounge a warm look with textured window shades, baskets, decorative and some woven plate hangings is a good idea. Texture always proves warm but not when it comes to blankets and pillows. Moreover, a bright coloured rug may also add warmth to the brown articles of furniture filling your lounge.

  1. Give a touch of leather as well

Besides texture, a minimal touch of leather like a few armchairs or leather couches may also create real cosy feelings. A balanced blend of texture and leather will do the trick to make the whole scene warm and comfortable at the same time.

  1. Hang overhead lighting

Throwing light down on all the things in display not only makes the overall look bright but also creates cosy feelings in your mind. Having mixed with the overhanging light of some chandelier, the light of the fire place makes the whole atmosphere of your lounge filled with the warm sensations. You may also visit Clearlight Designs and buy a beautiful lighted mirror for your lounge which will also reflect the overhanging lights through various angles.

  1. Incorporate knits sensibly

Having knitted items like a pouf and a knitted blanket, along with the warm textured pillows, placed in the reading nook of your lounge is a great warming idea. These with the woody side table will always make the people there feel cosy and at home. Sitting there and reading an interesting novel while sipping from a mug of hot coffee will readily drag away the cold winter from inside you.

  1. Add layers after layers

Never are all the lounges warm and cosy from their skeleton, but they may be made so by adding abundant layering after layering to their decor. A plethora of base carpet, layered rugs, pillows and throws can make them warm and comfy instantly. Though there may be placed chairs or sofas, but a floor sitting arrangement with the pillows thrown here and there randomly always present a very warm welcome to the guests to sit wherever they please.

  1. Try an overall dark colour scheme

Where light colours and shades confer the feelings of cool surroundings, the dark colour scheme overall presents a warm look. The dark shade of the walls, dark coloured curtains in a matching shade, the layering of rugs also in a compatible dark tone and shade will create a cosy sense of heat and warmth throughout your living area or lounge.

Thus we can say that your chilly feelings will transform into the cosy ones the day you try to follow our track.



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