House Design Ideas for Sports Fans


For sports fans, there is nothing quite like going out to watch a game in a bar or at a live venue. Yet, there are sure to be times when you need to stay at home to see an event taking place.

In this case, how can you design your home to make it perfect to watch sports in?

Fit a Sports Bar

Anyone who enjoys some sporting action has probably been in a sports bar to watch the action at one time or another. There are many great sports bars in the US, with most of them serving food while clients watch games on the big-screen TVs. It can be an ideal way to watch football or baseball games with some company.

An alternative to going to one of these places is to watch in your own sports bar at home. This is something that you could set up in a basement, in a spare room or even in your dining room.  There are plenty of tips online to help you to create a bar with a big TV, great surround sound, and comfy seating.

Get a Home Theater

This is similar to the previous point, but it is more about getting a cinema-like experience than creating a bar. So, the emphasis is on the great seating and in putting the TV in the right position so that everyone can enjoy the games equally. You might want to add in some sporty decoration and posters, but the real emphasis here in on getting the best possible viewing set-up.

You might like to add sound proofing to the walls, to avoid disturbing other people during particularly exciting moments, or to ensure that you can fully concentrate on the events taking place on the screen without any interruptions spoiling the mood.

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Add a Themed Zone

Another idea is to add in a sort of themed zone to your home. This could have photos of some of your favorite golf or boxing moments, your NBA or NFL team´s colors, or some other sort of memorabilia that makes it feel special every time that you go past it. It is the kind of place that puts a smile on your face every time you see it.

This is one of the simplest ways to add a sporty aspect to your home without any major expense or work. The key in getting it right is probably in adding the themed area to the right part of the house for it to fit in well. You could do it in a bedroom, on the stairs, or anywhere else where it feels right.

Get Some Outdoor Space for Watching Games

If you have some outdoor space, then this can be a terrific place to watch sports too. This is especially true if you invite people over to watch with you and want a large, comfortable area to do this in. There are few better ways to pass a warm evening than relaxing with friends as a game is played out in front of you.

Again, comfortable seating and a suitable TV are among the chief concerns. However, since you will be outside it gives the added option of having a barbeque or fire pit there, as well as outdoor furniture and other cool touches.


No matter where you live and what sport you prefer to watch, there are some changes that you can make to boost your enjoyment even more. Just take a moment to consider which option you prefer and how much time and money you are prepared to put into it.


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