7 Affordable DIY Home Renovations for the Frugal Homeowner

DIY Renovations

Doing home renovations is indeed a costly project. Without spare funds to spend, doing one will be impossible. However, being resourceful and innovative will help you materialize some useful renovations at your home for a minimal cost.

Whether the revamping idea is for selling the house or improving and beautifying your home, your willingness to do some works determines how much money to spend. Yet, you can prevent overspending if you know how the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects will help you update your home without impacting your finances or taking out a new loan.

So, as part of your home revamp project, here are some important DIY tips you can follow.

Update old floors

Having worn out floors sometimes set the mood of rooms, but in some instances, such floor fixtures make it look dull and unappealing. It is recommended to do re-sanding and change some old carpets. A little twist on your floors can transform your room like magic.

Repaint the front door and upgrade exterior accents

Your door always adds beauty to your home’s overall aesthetics. Hence, repainting it for a change should be one of the changes to include on your list. At the same time, it is best to upgrade your exterior accents to complement your door’s design. It is recommended to choose a bold accent color that works well with the rest of the exterior. This makes your house look stunning.

Use wallpaper

It is often more economical to use removable wallpapers for your walls than repainting all of it. Besides having fabulous and elegant designs, wallpapers are also customizable, depending on your need and method. It also comes in many forms, with the brick type as one of the most known wallpapers used by homeowners. One advantage of using wallpapers is making the images perfect. As the owner, you get support with real estate editing by hiring experienced photo editors, which find the photos more appealing when the background looks vivid already.

Renew your cabinets

Talking about cabinets, it is not imperative to change them entirely, whether for the kitchen or your rooms. It is fair to have old-looking cabinets for your kitchen; make sure to repaint them and add dramatic accents to the designs. You can also consider changing the cabinet’s door to the glass so that you can highlight your expensive glassware.

Invest in window coverings

Make sure to pay attention to your windows by adding curtains that complement your room’s color and the window’s design. You can also consider adding blinds or other easy-to-install shades that can add a striking feature to your home.

Appreciate the role of artworks

Somehow, your walls’ paint or wallpaper does not define how it will look. Sometimes, hanging paintings or artworks on the walls can help in balancing the interior design’s aesthetics. For paintings, it is better to turn them at spots visible right away by the human eyes. Such artworks and paintings add value to the overall ambiance of the home.

Restore your bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is undeniably expensive. Hence, it is highly suggested to upgrade hardware and fixtures to give the bathroom a whole new look. Yet, this is tricky, so it helps pay attention to the existing holes you have in the bathroom. The rule is to make sure that the existing holes will fit into the new fixtures, so there are no bare holes seen on your walls after.

In the end, fixing up your home does not have to be expensive and complicated. Consider the tips above and see the magic it can do to your home. Happy renovating!


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