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Does Your Home Look Inviting To Intruders?

It doesn’t bare thinking about, but it happens on a daily basis, and it could happen to you. Having your home broken into, or being burgled is a problem nobody wants to deal with. But are you inadvertently advertising your home to unwanted guests?

You may not realise it, but a door with a faulty lock, a gate without a chain, or a window that’s always left open when you’re out – even just a crack, could be all it takes for an intruder to take their chance.

So, what’s the answer? Well, here you’ll find a range of tips to help you make your home more secure and maybe even open your eyes to how.

Outdoor signage!

It might seem simple, but a large, bold sign that reads “CCTV in operation” or a simple “Beware of the Dog” sign, could be all it takes to ward off any potential thief. A company like smartsign.com provides custom made signs and can even offer advice. Even if you don’t actually have these things on your property. It’s a cheap and cost effective way to add a little more security.

Is anybody home?

Thief BurglarMake your home look occupied at all times: leave lights and the TV on when you go out. You could even leave a pair of shoes by the front door!

Nowhere to hide!

Keep trees and bushes around your home trimmed so that they do not provide hiding spaces for intruders.

Hello neighbour!

Get to know your neighbours. No one likes a nosey neighbour, but good neighbours will be on the lookout for unusual activity and are great for putting out bins and emptying the letterbox when you’re away.


Check that all doors and windows are locked before you leave the house or go to bed. Even when you are at home, keep external doors locked and it might be inconvenient, but avoid keeping spare keys in obvious hiding places outside your home. Under doormats, potted plants and lawn ornaments are the first place someone may look.

Make lighting your new best friend!

Ensure that driveways, pathways, and entry points to you home have adequate lighting.  Install motion sensor lights on the exterior of your home. Use a range of lights on timers indoors and stagger when they turn on and off so your home looks genuinely occupied. This is not only great for times when you’re travelling but also for nights when you are caught working late or are out in the evenings.

9 Fun Things To Do and Exciting Places To Visit In Lansing Michigan

Lansing Michigan has lots of amazing destinations and unique attractions that people enjoy. From parks to museums up to the natural wonders of nature, Lansing almost has it all.

Below is a list of some of the best Lansing Michigan attractions. Check them out and see which one interests you the most.

Potter Park Zoo

Open year round, the Potter Park Zoological Gardens is a 58-acre zoo located in the capital city of Lansing, Michigan within Lansing’s Potter Park. With over 500 individual animals representing approximately 160 different species, there is always something new and exciting to see. From special events to programs for children and adults, the Zoo offers family fun and enrichment year round. Visit http://www.potterparkzoo.org for more info.

Summer’s last stand.

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Impression 5 Science Center

This is a world-class, state of the art museum. Here, you can engage all five senses in the exploration and appreciation of the wonders of physical science. It has a very modern setting and very clean, exciting facility.

There is a science center for kids about a 2 minute drive from our house. And they have a baby room. And a baby water table. And it’s amazing. And now we’re members and I’m going to move there. // shoutout to @ehansen25 for introducing us to this awesome place 🔬 #impression5 #babyscientist

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Pinball Pete’s

This is probably one of the most underrated attractions in Lansing. Established over 30 years ago, Pinball Petes provides one of the best family entertainment environments in the Ann Arbor and East Lansing area. The place has great selection of pinballs, video games, redemption machines, pool tables and air hockey. More info at their website: http://www.pinballpetes.net.

Stop #2 on the birthday pinball tour.

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R.E. Olds Transportation Museum

This is one of the best, if not the best attraction in Lansing Michigan. If you are into vintage cars and automobiles, you’ll love this museum! Here, you can discover Lansing’s rich transportation history – the REO Motor Car Company, old-time bicycles and aviation endeavors. From the very first prototype to today’s streamlined automobiles, the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum got it all! Website: http://reoldsmuseum.org

#Oldsmobile #Michigan #lansing #travel #auto

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Old Town

Old Town is the cultural and creative district of Lansing. This destination offers unique experiences through special events, incredible people, eclectic shops and a rich history. The buildings here are beautifully restored for residents and businesses of all backgrounds. The infrastructure is well maintained by sustainable resources. This place is super artsy with a chill vibe making it a great place to visit to relax and unwind. Website: http://www.iloveoldtown.org

Old Town, AKA North Lansing Historic Commercial District . . . #igerslansing #lansingmichigan #thisplacematters #oldtown

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Carl G. Fenner Nature Center

Fenner Nature Center is an environmental education center encompassing 134 acres of publicly accessible green space. Now run by the non-profit Fenner Conservancy, the property includes over four miles of trails, rolling glacial eskers, towering maple groves and so much more. Inside the Visitor Center, you will find collections of live native reptiles and amphibians; a viewing area to watch songbirds, deer and wild turkeys; and opportunities to explore newly renovated hands-on exhibits. Website: https://mynaturecenter.org

Today’s Plein air painting; a beautiful morning at Fenner Nature Center. #fennernaturecenter #art #artist #fineart #oilpainting #painting #newart #igart #dailypainting #igerlansing #boldbrush #instaart #ilovetopaint

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East Lansing Family Aquatic Center

Shoot down a slide into the plunge pool below at East Lansing Family Aquatic Center. The East Lansing Family Aquatic Center (ELFAC) is an interactive outdoor water facility that provides a safe, family-oriented aquatic experience to patrons. Website: https://www.cityofeastlansing.com/852/Aquatic-Center

The weather couldn’t be better for today’s #summersplash at the @elaquaticcenter, going on from 11:30 a.m.-6 p.m.! Swing by for games, prizes, music, contests and more! #eastlansing #eastlansingfamilyaquaticcenter #eastlansingaquaticcenter #aquaticcenter #eastlansingmichigan #cityofeastlansing #celebrating17years #dj #bellyflopcontest #games #prizes #sidewalkchalkcontest #balloontoss #sandcastlecontest #familyfun #loveEL #lovelansing

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Turner-Dodge House & Heritage Center

A fine example of Classical Revival architecture, the Turner-Dodge mansion is a National Historic Registered Place. The beautifully restored home was built in 1858 by James and Marion Turner, who helped establish the Capital City. The home was recently restored to the turn-of-the-19th-century period and is maintained by the City of Lansing Parks and Recreation Department as a Cultural Heritage Center. Website: http://www.lansing.org/listings/turner-dodge-house-and-heritage-center/543/

Father & daughter – doing what we do best, following random streets we see and finding neat history and haunts. I’m the one behind the camera, he’s the tiny person you can kinda see standing on the porch of the Turner-Dodge Mansion. Neat things in Lansing. Yes, yes. #thatsmydad #turnhere #turnerdodgehouse #localdiscovery #sundayfunday #wander #thegreatlakesstate #puremichigan #michiganders #michigrammers #michiganawesome #michiganhistory #lovelansing #lansing #michigan #capitalcity #homeiswherethehandis #mittenlove #iwouldlivethere

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Woldumar Nature Center

Sitting on the Grand River with more than a mile of shoreline, Woldumar maintains over 5 miles of trails on 178 acres of Maple and Beech woodland, tall grass prairie, and a pine plantation snuggled along 1.25 miles of the Grand River. Trails are open 365 days each year – we invite you to hike or ski on them anytime between dawn and dusk! The Visitors Center is a good place to start, and enriches your visit with a variety of interpretive displays as well as a Gift Shop. Website: http://woldumar.org

The big difference between trail running in Lansing and trail running up at the property is in Lansing, I don’t have to watch out for bears or moose 😉 #trailrunning #optoutside #nature #getoutside #gorun #lovelansing

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These are just few of the many attractions and destinations around Lansing Michigan. So, which one of them interest you the most?

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How To Unclog A Drain – Home Maintenance Tips

No matter how careful you are in the kitchen (or bathroom), getting the occasional clogged drain is part of life. Professionals like the Plumbing Detectives (a busy plumber in Lane Cove) are often called for blocked drains even though many home-owners can often take care of these problems on their own. Here’s how:

Use a Plunger

Plumber At Work

The classic approach is the good old sink plunger. It creates a seal around the drain and when you push down on the handle, it forces water and air downward to blow out the clog. The key is to get a good seal all the way around the drain. If you don’t, the water and air just bubbles out into the sink.

And while we’re on the subject of plungers, you will want to make sure you are using the right type for the sink. Sink plungers are a simple cup of rubber, but one for the toilet has a second cylinder inside that cup for better drain suction. You may be able to use a toilet plunger in the sink but it will be awkward to use because it is sized for the larger toilet drain.

A Drain Snake

If the plunger isn’t getting the job done, you may need to step up your game with a drain snake. This is what most professional plumbers use, and you can get a reasonably-priced one at most hardware or home improvement stores.

It is a long flexible tube with a claw section at the end that you unwind down the drain. Though flexible enough to move through the bends in the pipe, it is stiff enough to put a lot of force to the clog once you start working. You just send the snake down until it stops, then twist and pull with it to break up the blockage.

The Chemical Option

Plumbing Tools

Both of these suggestions so far are “mechanical” in that they use physical force to disrupt the blockage. You can also try the chemical route, with either store-bought drain cleaner or a more natural DIY mixture.

Drain cleaning products are quite caustic and will literally eat away at the clog (which is usually made up of organic material like food, grease or hair). After allowing the chemicals to work for a time, the block just dissolves away. They can be very toxic and not everyone is happy with the fumes and risk associated with them. Even so, they do work and can have their place.

On the other hand, you can use more natural options to create a similar effect. A common mixture is vinegar and baking soda, which will give a strong fizzing reaction when they mix. Granted, this will only work if the clog is fairly close to the drain because pouring baking soda will only go so far. Anyway, pour about 1 cup of each down the drain, then plug the hole. The fizzing and gas build-up can be enough to dislodge the problem in about half an hour.

Hopefully one of these methods will help get things running smoothly again for you without having to call in the professional.


Home Repair Tips – What To Check After A Hurricane Hits

No one can stop a natural disaster from happening. And whatever preparation we have in place, damage and destruction is always bound to happen.

This is what a destructive hurricane does to our homes. Our preparation, no matter how good it is, is sometimes not enough to prevent damage to property. So after a hurricane hit, it’s best to check your house for possible damage that needs to be taken care off immediately. From floor to ceiling, plumbing to electrical wiring – they all must be checked to prevent further damage from happening.

hurricane hits home

What to check after a hurricane

Once the strong winds and rain subsided, it’s highly advisable to check for the following issues around your home to prevent further damage.

Insects and bugs

Strong winds and stagnant water can bring all sorts of insects and bugs around your home. Make sure to check all possible breeding grounds and get rid of them as soon as possible. It’s also best to check your weather stripping and make sure that they are still in place and intact. Look out for the dark corners of your house especially at the basement and attic and make sure that they are free from any kind of pests.

Pipe damage and leaks

If there’s a fallen or uprooted tree around your property, there’s a chance that pipes in your plumbing system is affected. Check how the water flows in your faucets and if there’s something unusual with it (slow drain, change in color, etc.), then hire a plumber immediately.

Mold build-up

There’s a huge chance of mold build-up in your home after a severe storm. If your house is quite old and already has some issues, mold is likely to happen. So better look for any mold build-up and get rid of it as soon as you can.

These tips and advice doesn’t only keep your house standing tall after a hurricane or severe storm, they can also keep you and your family’s health in good form.

Image credit – Pixabay/Krisr1

5 Unique, Historic Houses in Livingston County Michigan

There are lots of amazing houses in Livingston County, Michigan. Some of them are now up for sale while some are being rented out by their owners. Some homes are also converted into small café or restaurants while some are used for important gatherings, events and occasions.

That being said, we can all agree that the houses built in Livingston County Michigan are truly one of the best. In fact, some of these houses are included at the List of Michigan State Historic Sites in Livingston County. And some of them are as follows:

Appleton House – Brighton Michigan

This Greek Revival style building is a Registered Michigan State Historic Site. The Appleton House was built for and by John D. Appleton and has distinctive architecture. This is a mid-19th century village house of formal composition with interesting modifications of Classical details. Source.

Appleton House historic site Brighton Michigan

Bingham House – Brighton Michigan

This historic house was the residence of Kinsley S. Bingham, Governor of Michigan from 1854 to 1862.  This is one of the earliest and finest Greek Revival structures in Michigan. Source.

Bingham House Historic Site, (1842), 13270 Silver Lake Road, Green Oak Township, Michigan - panoramio

Frank J. Hecox House – Howell Michigan

This house is the only known brick Second Empire structure with a very unique architectural style and design. It retains original interior features such as woodwork, wainscoting, staircases, kitchen, built-in cupboards and a faux marble cast iron corner fireplace in the parlor that make the house an excellent example of the period. Source.

Frank J. Hecox House Historic Site Howell Michigan

William McPherson, Sr. House – Howell Michigan

According to some popular stories, the McPherson Mansion has buried gold in it but the catch is, it’s being guarded by some ghosts. The house was built in 1915 by Robert Bruce McPherson, the grandson of pioneer, blacksmith and businessman William McPherson, who settled in Howell in the mid-1830s. Source.

William McPherson Senior House Historic Site Howell Michigan

Alonzo W. Olds House – South Lyon Michigan

This house is a nice example of Greek Revival architecture popular in Michigan during the mid 1800s. This was built by a local politician Alonzo W. Olds circa 1835 to 1850. After some years, the property was sold to Warren Clark in 1851 and to William Read in 1863. The Read family directed some restoration on the house including replacement of deteriorated plinths with square bases and removal of parapet additions from the wings of the home. Source.

Alonzo W. Olds House

These houses are so unique and special at their own ways. If you are in Livingston County Michigan, make sure to check them out!

Featured image via Dwight Burdette

5 Simple But Very Effective Tips for Furnishing a Small Home

Furnishing a small house doesn’t have to be hard and tricky. The key is to choose furnishings that complement and help maximize your small space. Use multi-functional furniture that serves different purposes. Taking advantage of the wall space can greatly help as well.

Here are some more tips and ideas in furnishing a small home.

Small Wooden House


Always think about extra storage whenever you are considering buying new furniture. If it’s a new bed, opt for the one that have built-in drawers underneath. Bunk beds with different storage options can do the trick for your kids’ bedroom. The space under the stairs (if you have any) can also be used as extra shelves or drawers. Ottoman with storage is also a good addition at your small home.


Aside from the extra storage options, also look out for furniture that are multifunctional.  For example, couches that becomes bed, coffee table that can also be used as a work desk and so on. There are lots of multifunctional furniture you can find online so better research them first before buying one.

Easy-to-fold furniture

Opt for furniture that you can fold-out-of-the-way when not in use. Folding chairs, tables, beds and desks are few examples. You can also buy those stackable chairs for your kitchen and dining room.

Make use of your wall

Make use of your vertical space whenever you are thinking about adding extra storage. Wall mounted shelves, cabinets and the like can give you extra space for your books and other light stuff. You can install a hammock that goes above your head for your kids’ small toys and stuffed animals. Adding some hooks at your kitchen wall can also give you a good place to hang your pots and pans.

Throw away unused/broken stuff

Get rid of your non-functional furniture and old household items. Replace them with a new, multifunctional and modern one that can help save space. You can try selling some of your old stuff or better yet donate them to a charity institution. The less stuff you have the better as it can help you get the space that you wanted.

With these tips, you can surely furnish your home easily and more effectively!

Featured image via Tappancs / Pixabay

8 Amazing Kent County Sights and Landmarks That You Should See!

Kent County, Michigan is such a beautiful place. It’s the home of many amazing landmarks, tourist spots and exciting destinations. Aside from the world famous Frederik Meijer Gardens, the place also holds lots of other attractions that are truly worth visiting.

Below are some of Kent County’s most amazing sights and landmarks. They all have this kind of beauty and charm that can surely captivate your attention.

Meyer May House (Grand Rapids)

This prairie-style house is a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece. Meyer May House is located in the Heritage Hill Historic District of Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was built for a prominent merchant in 1908-09. It is considered a fine example of Wright’s Prairie School era, and “Michigan’s Prairie masterpiece”. The Meyer May House tours (free admission) are offered on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10 to 1 and on Sundays from 1 to 4.

Had the distinct pleasure of dining in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Meyer May house, in Grand Rapids, Michigan with some wonderful colleagues the other evening…such a treat! #theartpartofmyheart #Findbeauty #Liveartfully #Heartandsoul #Fromtheheart #Creativity #writerslife #art #artful #creativeliving #design #designer #decor #franklloydwright #meyermayhouse #historichomes #architecturalmasterpiece #architecture

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Art Prize (Grand Rapids)

If you love arts, this event, attraction and destination is a must visit and see!  ArtPrize is an open, independently organized international art competition and festival held annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For 19 days in the early fall, around 400,000 attendees descend on three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids.

ArtPrize is recognized as the most-attended public art event on the planet according to The Art Newspaper and was recently highlighted in The New York Times’ 52 Places To Go in 2016. Art from around the world pops up in every inch of downtown in over 160 venues—museums, galleries, bars, restaurants, theaters, hotels, public parks, lobbies, buildings, walls, bridges, laundromats, and auto body shops—and it’s all free and open to the public. A day won’t be enough to really

#tbt to Adonna Khare’s “Elephants,” winner of the Public Vote Grand Prize at ArtPrize 2012. . #artprize #artprize2012 #adonnakhare #grandrapids #contemporaryart

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Fallasburg Covered Bridge and Village

This picturesque and historic bridge is a 100-foot (30 m) span Brown truss covered bridge, erected in 1871 in Vergennes Township, Michigan.  The Fallasburg Covered Bridge is located in the Fallasburg Historical District south of Whites Bridge and Smyrna. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of only four Michigan covered bridges open to vehicle traffic. The village still has the old school, carriage house, old structures and more. Certainly a good place to visit and see in Kent County.

We had the perfect spot for a picnic today… Gorgeous. Great times. #oldbridge #fallasburgcoveredbridge #michigan #picnic #sundayfunday

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Ada Township Covered Bridge (Ada)

The Ada Covered Bridge is a 125-foot (38 m) span Brown truss covered bridge erected in 1867 in Ada, Michigan. This bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is now open only to pedestrian traffic and connects the Village of Ada on one side of the Thornapple River with a
park on the other side.  Not many bridges like this are still around so visit now and enjoy the uniqueness and charm of it.

Ada covered bridge 🌳 #adacoveredbridge #adami #mittenstate #bridge #coveredbridge #westmichigan #miphoto #grandrapidsphotography #grandrapids #historical #historicalbridge #greenleaves #landscape #nofilter

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Deer Tracks Junction (Cedar Springs)

Probably one of the most underrated destinations in Kent County is the Deer Tracks Junction in Cedar Springs.  If you are an animal lover and would love to get up close and personal with variety of animals, this place is a must visit. They allow bottle feeding of animals by schedule.  Deer Tracks Junction also has its very own homemade ice cream with waffle cones that can surely complement your trip.

For real at #deertracksjunction ! #cedarsprings

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Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse (Grand Rapids)

This one of a kind, gigantic horse sculpture will leave you speechless.  The Leonardo Da Vinci’s horse or also known as The American Horse is one of the most talked about attractions inside the Frederick Meijer Gardens. The horse is erected in a huge open area or garden making it perfect for photo ops.

This amazing masterpiece was created by animaliere or animal sculptor, Nina Akamu. The work was inspired, in part, by a work created by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci for the Duke of Milan in the late 15th century. The project was championed by Frederik Meijer in the late 1990s. The horse is about 24 feet tall.

The American Horse statue at Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. This 24 foot statue is awesome!

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Saul Lake Bog Nature Preserve (Rockford)

Saul Lake Bog Nature Preserve is one of West Michigan’s flagship natural areas. It has very convenient parking and over a mile of meandering trails that allow visitors to appreciate the bog, prairie, forests, and fields. It is also features and supports a diversity of wildlife in all seasons.

Tonight @naturenearby #landconservancyofwestmi at the #saullakebognaturepreserve 6-8pm to #paint and #draw alongside #artists from the #preserved

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River Edge Gathering Place (Lowell)

If you love the outdoors, this is the place to be! In River Edge Gathering Place, you can appreciate the beauty of nature even more. This destination is situated on over 100 acres of mature spruce and pine forest, tall prairie grass, numerous trails and nearly one mile of private frontage on the Flat River. Because of its huge natural area, River Edge Gathering Place became an ideal venue for important occasions and activities such as weddings, corporate events, family gatherings or church get-togethers.

Beautiful location to celebrate #GEllen 💍👰🏻💕 #PureMichigan

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Among these Kent County sights, destinations and landmarks, which one is your favorite?

Keep Your House Safe While On Vacation With These Security Tips!

Are you going out of town with your family for a well deserved vacation? Are you leaving your home totally unoccupied for few days or so? If yes, I suggest that you read these tips on how to keep your house safe while enjoying your vacation.

According to home security experts, an empty house is an easy target for thief and burglars lurking around the neighborhood. So if you are going out for quite a while, make sure your house won’t look totally uninhabited while you are gone.

Home Security

The lack of movement inside and outside your house is one huge sign that there’s nobody home. One good solution for this is to ask someone (a friend or relative) to visit your house as often as they can. Ask them to spend an hour or two inside your house – maybe give them something to do like water your indoor plants, play with your dogs/cats or anything that can make them busy for few hours. Just make sure to give them something back for doing such chores.

Another good solution is to ask your neighbor’s help. Simple things like letting or asking them to park their car on your alley or letting them enjoy a cold bottle of beer or hot coffee on your deck in the evenings could do the trick. If potential thief will see that there’s someone in the house even at night enjoying a cup of coffee or bottle of beer, he will think twice about breaking into your home. Just make sure that you’ll return this kind of favor to your neighbor when they need such kind of help too.

Another trick that works wonders is setting up some sort of timer for your lights and some appliances.  Just make sure to set them up randomly and in different intervals. For example, at this day, set your light and TV to go on at 6pm onwards, the next day, set your light to go on at 7pm while your TV at 8pm and so on and so forth.  You can also ask someone you trust to visit the house, turn on the lights and the TV at certain times.

It’s also best if you can double up your home security before leaving for the long vacation. Install CCTV cameras around, double up your door locks and replace or fix any broken window locks. If you have a home alarm system, make sure to set it up properly.

Last but not the least; don’t broadcast your vacation at your social media accounts. You can always post about it upon coming home. This way, people around you won’t know that you are leaving at that certain date and the house will be empty by then.

Combine all the tips written above and for sure, your home will be safe and sound while you relax and unwind.

LOOK! These 18 Breathtaking Michigan Sunset Photos Will Surely Captivate You!

There are lots of reasons to love Michigan. From its beautiful and loving people, delectable drinks and foods, award winning man-made structures up to its breathtaking wonders of nature, the Mitten State almost have it all!

One of the most amazing and most talked about features of The Great Lakes States is its beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Because of its clear skies, photographers, both amateurs and pros, visits Michigan just to capture its breathtaking sunrise and sunset. Below are some of the most amazing sunset photographs of Michigan. Check them out.

Armada, Michigan

Look how calm and how beautiful this shot is! Who wouldn’t fall in love with it?

@metrouav caught a killer sunset over our farm last night. There’s just something about this place 🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕🌔🌓🌒🌚 #MichiganSunset #Sunset #PureMichigan #BlakesHardCider #Orchards #MichiganOrchards #Michigan #BlakeFarms #Farms #MichiganFarms

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Holland, Michigan

You don’t need any kind of filter if the view is as pretty as this!

Wow. No filter! #puremichigan #michiganlove #michigansunset #hollandstatepark #hollandmichigan

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Sun going down on another beautiful summer day in #Michigan. 🌅✋❤️ #sunset #summersunset #michigansunset #michigansummer

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Lake Michigan

A summertime sunset above Lake Michigan. Best. Ever.

A nice way to end the week… #michigansunset #lakemichigan #summertime

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This photo is captured at a certain grocery store parking lot. Who would have thought? Lovely right?

Beauty surrounds us all the time…even in grocery store parking lots. Many choose not to notice. What do you choose? Does life happen to you or do you happen to life?

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Oval beach sunset. So lovely. So Amazing!

Oval beach sunset 🌅 #saugatuck #puremichigan #michigan #douglas #ovalbeach #sunset #michigansunset

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Michigan sunset is always special. Just look at this photo!

There’s something special about a #michigan #sunset . #puremichigan #lighthouse #michigansunset #petoskey

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A beautiful moment of free entertainment #sunset #field #orangesky #puremichigan #michigansunset #roundhaybales #farmersdelight #countrylife #freeentertainment #nofilter #moments

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Flushing, Michigan

Beautiful night in downtown Flushing, MI. #puremichigan #michigansun

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No filter majestic sunset. #nofilter #sunset #michigansunset #michigansun #michiganview #puremittigan #puremittenpride #godscanvas #beautiful #fabulous #wideopenspaces

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Higgins Lake

Sunset over Higgins Lake. #michigansunset #higginslake #higginslakesunset #beautifulevening #instasunsets_picoftheday #instasunset

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Beulah, Michigan

#sunsets are my favorite ❤ .. .. .. .. #sunset #sunset🌅 #sunsetlovers #crystallake #lakelife #michigan #puremichigan #michigrammers #michiganders #midwestmoment #michigansun #thegreatlakesstate #michiganlove #awesomemitten #puremittagan #lake #clouds #cloudporn #puremichiganders #puremittenpride #michigansunset #beulah #vacation #wanderlust #explore #livetoexplore

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Clark Lake

Took a beautiful hike to Clark Lake.🌲 _____ #puremichigan #clarklake #clarklakeloop #tahquamenonfallsstatepark #sunset #michigansunset #upperpennisula #paradise #hiking #exploremore #upnorth #michiganlove #michiganders

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Great afternoon spent with my bestie in Ludington, ending the day with a beautiful sunset! #michigansunset #michigan #puremichigan

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Michigan summer sunset is the absolute best!

Michigan Summer Sunsets 🌅, a cool breeze and the peaceful sounds of nature, are some of the most wonderful things. 🌿Capturing the moment it disappears between the trees and wondering what colors the night will cast, is the true mystery 🌅🙌🏻 #sunsets . . . . . . . #michigan #ludington #essentialoils #oilluvchristie #oils #mywhy #calmingeffect #calmthemind #themitten #pureludington #puremichigan @pureludington @puremichigan @loveludington #july2017 #michigansunset #summertoneup #summertime #momsohard #bedtime

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Marquette, Michigan

Lake Superior sunsets. 🌄 #ARinDaYoop #sunsets #marquettemi #lakesuperior #lakesuperiorsunset #longexposure #canon #canonphotography #canon14mm #puremichigan #UPtravel #upperpeninsula #sayyahtodaupeh #drama #mood #pinkskies #michigansunset #sayyestomichigan #americashighfive #smittenwiththemitten #greatlakes #greatlakesgreattimes #wideangle #neature #clouds #movement #michiganphotography #landscapephotography #michiganlandscape

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Howell, Michigan

. Let’s wander slowly through the fields Slowly slowly through the fields I know our love will never die Just you and I Through fields of joy ~ “Lenny Kravitz” . #sunflowerfield . . #puremichigan #sunset #iphone7plus . . #sunflower #sunflowers #michigan #midwestlife #miplayground #michigansunset #midwestlivingmag #wanderlust #lovemystate #lovemichigan #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld #michigansunset

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McLain State Park

Sunset captured by an iPhone cam. Lovely!

This is the best thing my iPhone 7 has done! Watch the sun drop… At McLain State Park 😍🌞 #nofilter #michigan #michigansunset #mclainstatepark #michiganlife #upperpeninsula #sunsets #timelapse #iphone7

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Michigan sunsets are indeed so amazing! Among the sunset photos listed above, which one is your favorite?

6 Ways of Achieving a Luxurious Bedroom Look

Your bedroom space does not receive many visitors, and you don’t really need any because here you seek relaxation and peace of mind. Therefore, make it look lavish with just a little bit of effort. Here are some bedroom remodeling tips you can use to create a personal space that would not only give you a goodnight’s sleep, but also positive vibes.


Luxury Bedroom Tips


  1. Set an Elegant Theme

Give a dramatic effect to your room with an interesting theme. You can go for a brooding contrast of violet with silver or take up the classic zebra pattern and define it all over in your bedroom. If you wish to stick to the nature, nothing speaks natural more than wooden textures, plants and a floral theme. Pick out a theme that suits your taste and let your imagination go wild.

  1. Carpet it

Your bedroom flooring is crucial. Instead of spending thousands to get an extravagant floor, why not cover up the plain floor with carpet instead? Carpet makes your room look bigger and adds more texture and depth to it. If you don’t want to carpet the whole room, a small rug placement is enough to introduce a soft texture and lighten up the mood. It’s better to opt for a heavily designed, dark-shaded carpet to prevent it from dulling quickly. A carpeted floor can also save you from slipping accidents, and provides a bit of support against the hard ground.

  1. Soft Textures and Pillows Can Never be Too Many

It’s as simple as it sounds. Pillows upgrade the appearance of your bedroom in a noticeable way. Arrange soft accent pillows against your bedhead, layering one on top of the other and showing off fancier ones at front. There is an array of pillows available in the market these days, from emoji pillows to mermaid pillows, that can bring your bedroom to life. During the day, they’ll serve as a decoration, and at night, you can bury your head inside the coziness.

  1. Four Poster Bed as a Centerpiece

How good could be a master bedroom without an eye-catching bed at its center? Your bedroom deserves the best. Get a 4 poster bed for your space to give it a royal effect. A raised canopy supported by four posts at each corner speaks for itself. There is no need for other embellishments and attention to detail, because a four-post bed is sure to steal all the focus.

  1. Use Luscious Dropping Curtains

Elegant-looking curtains can drastically improve the temperament of your bedroom. Choose the style that complements the interior and adds to the charm of your personal chamber. It would also act as an excellent insulation medium to stabilize the temperature. Without these luscious drapes, the look of your room will always remain incomplete.

  1. Upgrade your Lighting

Just by renewing your lighting options you can elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom. There are many affordable alternatives such as LED solar lights to provide the same luminescence as offered by expensive ones. Replace your lamp shades with a fresh choice of fabric to create a bit of difference. Refrain from using too many lights. Dim lights render a mellow effect that soothes the senses.