8 Simple Interior Decorating Tips and Ideas That You Should Know

In interior design and decoration, there are no right or wrong. There are no hard rules and strict guidelines that you must follow. Sometimes, all you need is your creativity and imagination. Just make sure that whatever you’ll do, it will complement the whole room.

To help you out in your design and decoration journey, here are few tips and advice that you might want to know.

Simple Living RoomWall paint color

Pick the paint color last especially if you are just about to move in. Make sure everything is placed and set inside before you decide on it. Just make sure that the color you’ll choose will complement the style and look of your upholstery, other artwork and furniture.

Avoid overcrowding

Give your space some breathing room. Don’t place too many furniture or décor items in one location. If you have more than what you need for your home, consider donating some of your stuff or better yet, sold them out for extra cash.

Hang photo frame and artwork at right height

Make sure that your framed artwork and old photos are hanged at eye level. Museums use this technique to make their pieces more interesting and admirable.

Use rugs

Rugs that are placed underneath your furniture’s feet doesn’t only protect your flooring from damage and scratches, it also adds some sort of elegance into it. Consider adding some fine rugs in your room. It doesn’t have to be those expensive ones, just buy the right one.

Create focal point

Simple kitchenAlways make a focal point in decorating a room. Make it the center of attraction and let the other item or décor support this focal point. For ideas, you can check out some Pinterest boards.

Display good accessories

No matter how valuable a certain item is, if it’s broken or too old to be displayed, consider boxing it. Display accessories that are in good condition. Make sure that they are not easy to break too.

Add layers of lighting

Consider adding small nice lights in your rooms. For example in your kitchen, aside from the bright light, you can add extra small led lights at your cabinets. In your living room, consider attaching some wall mounted light or lamp to add some great effect.

Make it your own

It’s your home so make it your own! Do whatever you want to do in your home. As long as it’s safe, comfortable and good enough for everyone, then it’s good to go. Be bold, imaginative and artistic in your decors.

These tips and advice are just simple ideas and guidelines that could help you in your interior decoration. If you want to add more, please let us hear it via the comment section below.

  • I am actually planning to have a house renovation and this is something that I really need. Glad I found this, so fascinating.

  • As always I love your suggestions, thank-you! Even with my small budget I can follow these ideas, that is awesome. Too often decorating ideas are more costly can I could ever do and that is depressing. I now have my photos and art at all different heights with the thought it wouldn’t be boring but, I now see the reason for eye height.

  • I think one of the most important tips you provided was lighting. Sometimes people think the overhead house lights are enough, but they usually aren’t. The first house we purchased was so dim, I had to add recessed lights to make it livable.

  • I am trying to give my home a more homely feel at the moment so I am taking some of these ideas on board. Thank you for sharing they are great ideas 🙂

  • These are some really great tips. I am not the best at putting together a room and this definitely opened my eyes to a couple things that I need to be doing.

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