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Apartment Lounge Decor
May 21st, 2018 by MichiganLiving 10 Easy Decorating Ideas That You Can Do In A Day

Want to redecorate your room but you don’t have the luxury of time to so? […]

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Key House
May 15th, 2018 by MichiganLiving 6 Basic Yet Very Important Questions First-Time Renters Should Ask

Is it your first time to rent? If yes, here are some very important questions […]

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Door Lock Security
May 7th, 2018 by MichiganLiving Intruder Proof Your Home & Avoid the Illusion of Security

It doesn’t matter what part of Australia you live in. There will always be an […]

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water faucet
April 29th, 2018 by MichiganLiving 5 Quick Ways to Reduce the Amount of Water You Are Using at Home

With more locations at risk for drought and increasing concerns with water shortages affecting many […]

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House Unit For Rent
April 24th, 2018 by MichiganLiving 9 Valuable Tips For Renting A House

When renting a home or apartment, you need to be very watchful and observant at […]

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Door Lock
April 13th, 2018 by MichiganLiving Up to Date: 5 Things to Check When Inspecting Your Locks and Door Frames

Making your home or business as secure as possible often requires the services of a […]

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Living Room Wood Floor
April 10th, 2018 by MichiganLiving My wood floor is covered in scratches, what can I do?

Scratches on a wood floor? Here’s how to fix them! Having wood floors in your […]

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Home MOving
April 10th, 2018 by MichiganLiving Saving Money on A Move And After It

Moving is something we all have to do from time to time. Very few of […]

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Steel Building Construction
April 9th, 2018 by MichiganLiving Building contracts – questions to ask before you sign

A major building project can involve a large financial investment from you. The last thing […]

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Steel Building Construction
April 4th, 2018 by MichiganLiving Investing in a Steel Building Home

Homes made from steel are becoming increasingly more popular for a number of different reasons.  […]

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