5 Cheap and Easy To Follow Tips To Make Your House Smell Great

Do you want a nice smelling home? I guess we all do! But, there are times that it’s quite impossible. Although there are available sprays and plug-ins out there that can do the trick, the chemical it contains could be harmful to our selves most especially to our kids (pets too!) In the end, we just let our house smell like it wasn’t clean for years or so.

Good thing there are tricks out there that are proven to be effective in terms of eliminating foul odor. If you want a nice smelling home without using any chemical induced air freshener or plug-ins, the below tips could really help you.

Open The Window and Let The Breeze Come In!

If the weather is great, open your window and let the breeze comes in. It allows your home to breathe in fresh air while breathing out the foul smell. It can also allow sunlight that can kill bacteria causing odor, to come in.


Fresh Flowers

The smell of freshly picked flowers can eliminate any foul smell. Place flowers at each and every room of your home most especially at your kitchen and dining room.


Coffee Beans

Grinding organic coffee beans at can give your home a nice smell than before. If you are a coffee lover, consider this tip and you can thank me later.



In a saucepan, put in some cinnamon sticks and bring it to a boil. Simmer for few minutes until smell disperses around your home. You can even carry the pan at each and every room and let the smell of it evaporate completely to eliminate the unwanted odor.

cinnamon sticks


Lemon juice is not only a very effective cleanser. The scent of it is also a very good air freshener. Consider using lemon as your number one household cleanser. You can also create an air freshener spray out of it. Mix lemon juice with water and baking soda and presto, you got yourself a very effective air freshener spray.


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