How To Make Your House Guest-Ready In An Instant

You received a message from your friends saying that they will come over for surprise game night or cocktail night. As you look around your home, you realize that your house is not ready for guests with its dirty floors, messy living rooms, dirty dishes and piles and piles of mess.

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When you live in a house for rent, one of the things that will surely make you panic is the thought of having some friends come over. This is most especially true if you do not clean your house in a regular basis. Before you panic, keep calm and find out the ways on how you can make your home guest ready in just a few minutes.

Focus on the three T’s.

If you wish to make your house look clean in an instant, then it is recommended that you clean the three T’s. These are your tabletop, TV and toilet. You may think why would in the earth will you clean your television. Well, this is because your television room is the center of your living room and a dirty television is easily noticeable for guests. To make your living room look guest-ready and inviting, it is recommended that you remove the DVD’s on top of your television and clear the space around it. Additionally, wipe off any dust that you can find in the surfaces of your home.Case in point: your table top and countertops. The toilet is a bit self explanatory.

Hide the dirty dishes.

In the event that you have no time to wash the dirty dishes, the best thing that you can do is hide it! No matter how well you cleaned your kitchen counters, your home will never look welcoming when there are dishes in the sink. As a simple and fast solution for this, it is recommended that you hide the dishes in your oven and pray that someone won’t catch you doing it!

Stash your items.

For the quickest clean up step, grab your laundry basket and go around each and every area of your home. Gather all items that doesn’t belong to that certain area and place it in the laundry basket. Keep the basket in a private room that your guests will not visit.

Get rid of dust.

Instead of getting your cleaning tools out of your storage, it is best that you slip a piece of sock over your hands and run your hands on all the dusty surfaces of your home. This is one great way to get rid of dust fast.

Turn on the oil burner.

If you really wish to make your house ready for guests, then you have to make sure that it smells good. If you have an oil burner, then pour in your favorite scent and turn the burner on. If you have none, then we recommend that you light up some scented candles. A great smell is surely a nice touch to your clean looking house for rent.

Follow these quick clean up tips and you can surely be able to get your home ready for company in no time.

37 thoughts on “How To Make Your House Guest-Ready In An Instant

  1. Useful tips! I always like to keep things fairly decluttered so that if someone decides to drop in, I’m not starting from a really bad place! Just putting a few more things away is usually all it takes at that point.

  2. Oh I have done the dish hiding in the oven thing. My advice though is don’t forget you have them in there and turn on the oven and catch the oven on fire… not that I did that or anything… Just have a fire extinguisher handy. 🙂

  3. I always feel a slight ping of panic when I find out somebody is coming over to my house. I have three kids ranging from the ages 2 to 9 so there is ALWAYS a mess. It doesn’t matter if I spend hours and hours cleaning, there is still a mess somewhere. I will quickly pick up.

  4. These are all great tips! I always get so flustered when I find out someone is coming by for a visit and only 10 minutes away! Step one is always light a candle of some sort, my kiddos and pups normally have the house smelling unappealing!

  5. I love this! I always hide my laundry baskets when I have guests. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that, hah. These are great tips especially since the holidays are coming.

  6. oh man! This is so me sometimes, but I’ll usually pull all-nighters. I’ve never thought about using the oven before. Genuis! My husband and I keep saying we need to host something once a month so we can keep our house clean. I keep trying to maintain it, but life happens:). Fun post.

  7. Thank you for these great tips as I’m always having to rush around when I hear people are visiting as we have several pets. Thank you for the reminder to turn on the oil burner as having a great smelling house is very important to me.

  8. So right about the toilet! I have to have mine clean. I don’t care about clutter but I will notice if someone else’s isn’t clean.

  9. Some great tips here it is important to make sure that your house is clean at all times in case any visitors turn up without warning. Especially dusting as our house can get thick of dust in seconds.

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