9 Valuable Tips For Renting A House

When renting a home or apartment, you need to be very watchful and observant at all aspects. Aside from ensuring the safety and security of/around the property, you must also be vigilant about your rights as the tenant. And to help you out with this, here are few tips and advice.

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Understand the local law

Know the law about landlord and tenants around your chosen neighborhood or city. Remember, the law differs from one state to another (and there are some really crazy laws out there) so make sure to know the one that applies to your chosen location.

Inspect the property

Aside from inspecting the overall structure of the unit, you must also check the water supply system, locks and doors, plumbing and etc. Make sure to ask the landlord about their maintenance rules and policies.

Read and understand your lease

Your lease is your legal contract between you and the landlord. It might contain extra clauses that are not legally allowed by the local law. Make sure to read it thoroughly before signing. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your landlord if there’s anything that needs further clarification.

Take photos before moving in

Before moving in, make sure to take photos of the property. Take photos of all the rooms, corners and other areas of the house. Take photos of the included appliance and if there’s anything that needs repair, take a photo of it and send it to your landlord for proper maintenance. Remember, do these before you move in to avoid any kind of trouble or conflict.

Pay rent on time

To avoid any kind of conflict with your landlord, make sure to pay your rent on time. Better if you pay it in advance as it can give you a good impression and might score you some sort of “good tenant” discount.

Establish and maintain good relationship with your landlord

Paying rent on time can give you a good impression with your landlord. A simple smile or hi with your landlord can also go a long way. Sending him/her a simple gift or greeting card during special occasion or holidays is also a good way.

Document everything

Save all your emails and text messages with your landlords, especially those that contain important information. Don’t rely on verbal promises as it can easily be twisted without hard proof. So document and save everything for future reference.

Take photos before moving out

Before you move out and leave your rented unit, take photos of it as a proof that you are leaving it in good well maintained condition. This can be very helpful and valuable if you want to get your security deposit back.

Try to leave with a good relationship with your landlord

Try to leave the rented property on a good note. Make sure that you and your landlord are in good terms before you move out. This way, you can make him/her a valuable reference or contact person for your future rental applications.

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  • Great tips…valid no matter where you live. I’d add a tip – treat the house better than you would your own.

  • Awesome advice. People often don’t realize the importance behind the legality of renting. When I was young I had to go to court to get my security deposit returned. The judge allowed a certain percentage of the rent each month for normal wear and tear so I received the entire amount. My nephew moved out of an apartment with only a 3 week notice and the extra week was counted.

  • These are all great tips for renters. I believe that if you treat your house/apartment as if it was your own, and maintain an communication with the landlord then renting would be a breeze. I will share this post with my cousin who is moving out of town because of a job opportunity.

  • These are some really great tips for when you are renting. Making sure that you pay on time is super important because you may need your landlord as a reference some day.

  • Taking pictures before and after you move is so important. It protects you and the landlord. If you can get them to do a walk through as well, I find that is very helpful.

  • This is such helpful advice for anyone renting a house. I think having a great relationship with your landlord can make the process run so much more smoothly.

  • It sure was nice of you to mention that aside from looking at the outside structure of the house, the person must also check the things that are hidden like the locks, plumbing, and water system. I will be sure to keep that in mind since I am looking for a house to rent. Checking the house thoroughly got my attention as it never once occurred to me. Thank you for sharing.

  • My boyfriend and I have agreed that we’ll start living together since we both work in the same company, so we plan to rent a house that is near our workplace to save time and money. To have a good renting experience, I love that you suggested saving everything to ensure that the things that you and the landlord have talked about are documented properly. I will definitely share this with my boyfriend since he will be the one to hunt a house due to his free time. Thanks for the tips!

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