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When you need to move houses, it’s imperative to hire a moving company’s services. Contracting such a company is often the best idea instead of doing everything all by yourself. However, this move can often mean a considerable cost.Hence, it would be better to do some due diligence to find the right moving company and work on how to get the cheapest deal from them before you even start packing a thing.

Here are a few tips to get you started with this journey:

  1. Curate A List Of Moving Companies

When you’re looking to get a reasonable price from a moving company, you couldask for references and testimonials from previous customers in your network, including family, friends, and neighbors.

You can also check online for possible options, which you can use to create a list of moving companies you’ll further inspect. It’s advised that you curate a list of fully licensed and insured companies in your locality.

For example, residents in Washington, DC can search for a list of the best DC local movers. Other considerations you should make include how long the company has been in operation and their headquarters’proximity to your home.

  1. Get Multiple Quotes

One of the things you can do to decrease your moving costs is by getting quotes from all the moving companies you have collated. Compare the prices and notice the differences in each; assess which variables were added or adjusted. If you want, you can check to confirm the reasons for such differences.

If the difference is not justifiable, focus on the relative quotes and compare to see which company has the lowest moving charges. Ask if the quote given to you is subject to any future changes and extra charges. Remember that the lowest charges don’t always mean you’ll get the best choice among the lot.

In addition, you can get free moving quotes online and from companies recommended by people in your network. This will give you access to a sufficient number of moving companies to compare and contrast. You can even get an instant quote over the phone or fill out a quote request form on their website.

  1. Declutter Your Loads

Sorting your load before a moving company conducts an assessment can significantly reduce your moving costs. This means classifying your household items into essential and non-essential categories. This is important because moving companies charge by the total weight you’re moving, and decluttering will reduce your charges.

Essential categories should include kitchen utensils, smallor big appliances, and heavy equipment that you believe are really need to take with the move, especially if you can’t easily obtain replacements for themat your new location. Non-essential items should include old clothing and faulty appliances that can be donated to a charity or given away to individuals who might find a use for them.

Another technique is to consider moving lightweight and personal items by yourself, and only ask the moving company for the heavier items’ quotes.

  1. Book Early And Get Discounts

Early bookings are very favorable for customers. By booking your move early enough, you can get discounts from many companies. To determine the right time to book a move, you can place an initial call to find out which days are free on the company’s schedule. If you’re in an area with extreme weather changes, you should also plan your move away from bad days according to forecasts.

Ensure to seek deals only from professional moving companies, which can save you a considerable amount of money. Only such companies have the robustness to give their clients a great discount percentage.

  1. Eliminate The Load Packing Fee

Moving and storage companies generally offer various moving and storage services. The most common ones include packing, unpacking, truck loading, unloading, and storage unit rentals.

The companies assign quotes to account for each of these processes. Thus, if youeliminate some, you can save on the total cost.For example, the packing and unpacking steps could be removed if you start on them immediately. Try to pack early, little by little, to ease the burden of a one-time big-time packing spree. And when in your new home, it would also be easy to unpack your things according to what you chronologically need to take out first.

When looking to get a great deal, make sure to ask about all the moving costs involved, the types of guarantee the company offers, and their charging system. This is because some cheap quotes only account for basic moving charges, with many extra charges included as add-ons. These calculations could take you by surprise when you receiveyour total moving costs later.


Moving companies are nonnegotiable in the home moving process, but it’s vital to get the best possible price from them. The first thing to do is search online, consult with friends and family for possible options, and curate a list.

Take the necessary steps to sort your belongings into essential and non-essential categories before contacting movers. Ensure to get multiple quotes and compare for the best option from your list. Finally, book early and eliminate add-on fees.


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