Up to Date: 5 Things to Check When Inspecting Your Locks and Door Frames

Making your home or business as secure as possible often requires the services of a professional. That said, how do you know when it’s time to call one? If you want to know whether or not your entrance is vulnerable, look for the signs yourself. Here are five things to watch out for as you inspect the locks and door frames.

Door Lock1. Age.

Begin with the lock – did you put it in place, and if so, how long ago was that? Decades-old locks are notorious for being easy to pick. Some outdated locks can even be fooled into sliding open with a credit card. Furthermore, if there are obvious signs of wear, it’s much more easily compromised.

2. Signs of Damage.

There’s age-related wear and tear, and then there’s damage. Damage can even occur as a result of things that happen over time, such as rust. There are also ways to tell if the lock has been damaged as a result of people trying to force their way in.

If the lock is on a painted door, circles in the paint around the knob or lock are a sure sign that someone got too rough. Noticeable scratches around the keyhole and tough, short nicks in this area can also be signs of various techniques burglars employ to gain entry.

3. The Strike Plate.

Check the frame; the metal piece securing the knob or lock mechanism to the door frame is the strike plate. The strike plate is just as important as the lock itself. This piece should never be bent or loose; it must fit securely to the frame.

If this is an area that seems like a weak spot to you, you can call locksmith Toronto and ask about getting a reinforced strike box plate for additional security.

4. Adjacent Window Panes.

Assess the perimeter of the locks and door frame – are there windows nearby? If there’s a pane of glass that makes accessing the knob and locks easier, it can easily be broken to do so.

If you’re concerned about this, consult a locksmith. They can apply a film that makes the glass less vulnerable, or you can even replace that glass pane with glass bricks. This way, you’ll still be able to get a glimpse of who’s at the door, but you won’t have to resort to the prison atmosphere that bars create.

5. Frame Construction.

When choosing a door frame, you might have opted for something that looks best or insulates well. These are absolutely valid considerations, but before you call it done, reinforce it.

Reinforcing your door frame typically involves screwing metal stripping into the frame where it meets with the door. This makes the door frame harder to kick in, and may even make the door fit more securely into the frame.

Chances are, there are areas of concern you normally never would have noticed; after all, not everyone has a criminal mind. Once you discover vulnerabilities to your strike plate, door frame, locks, and other features, it’s time to act. The solutions available for each area are not only highly effective, but simple for most any locksmith to install.


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