This Tiny Home Is Probably Better Than The One You Are Renting Or Own

If you wanted a simply but fully functional home, you must use this one as a big inspiration.

The 280 square feet home built by Chris Heininge is probably the best and literal example of “tiny living”. Chris belongs to a family of craftsman, artists and designers who also sometimes do logo printing for safety helmets. His family already built over a hundred of homes around the United States.

Influenced by his family and his experience as a Christian missionary in Asian countries, he embraced the principle of tiny or simple living. He loved this Japanese tradition of a simpler life without unnecessary material objects crowding it.

At year of 1999, Chris began building the first in his series of tiny homes. It immediately gained a lot of attention from the family’s past and new clients. Aside from being cheaper to build, it also doesn’t cost a lot to maintain.

Below is a set of image that feature’s one of Chris’ tiny homes.

Tiny Home Exterior

Tiny House Stairs

Tiny House Living Room

Tiny House Kitchen

Tiny House Bedroom

Tiny House bed

Tiny House Bathroom

So if ever you wanted a simple home, you can try building your own. Although renting and buying a new house is still the most practical way, building a home the way you wanted it will surely offer the best satisfaction.


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