Stunning Staircase Design Plans On A Budget

Your stairs are an important feature of your home. They are often the first thing you see when you walk in the house and are generally centrally located to provide good access between floors.

However, there have probably been times when you have looked at these stairs and just closed your eyes and wished they looked more like your neighbors or the ones in the large house at the end of the street. You might feel that you can’t replace the stairs because they are too integral to your home or a replacement is too expensive.

Fortunately this is not the case. In fact you can speak t a reputable firm, like active metal, and get assistance with the design of your new staircase as well as a range of tips for how to complete the project on a budget!

The Balustrade

The balustrade can be referred to as the railings. It is this that you hold onto as you walk up the stairs and prevents you from simply falling off the top.

Changing the balustrade is actually quite simple. You can add a contemporary glass balustrade or a minimalistic plain spindle one for very little outlay; transforming your staircase in the process.


Stairs BeautifulThe material on your stairs makes a huge difference to the way it looks. A painted base with a stair runner can look good. Bare floorboards can often look better, although it will be noisier going up and down them. Carpet can help to provide a modern, warm feeling while wood only is likely to give a more traditional feel.


One feature which is often overlooked and yet can completely transform the look of your stairs is the lighting. You can have a standard overhead lamp, down lighters, wall lights or even picture lights to help create the right atmosphere. In general the brighter the stair space, the more comfortable it will be to walk up it and the more modern it will feel.

When considering the staircase design you should also think about adding soft lighting into the stairs. This can turn them into a stunning feature and enable you to move up and down stairs without disturbing the rest of the household.

Add Storage

Most stairs have cupboards underneath them. However, if you build your staircase design with a gently lit space underneath and items of interest, such as your wine collection, you will instantly change the feel of the space under the stairs and the stairs themselves.

Floating Staircases

Another option is to remove the back panel from your stairs and the risers. This will just leave the treads and you should verify that this will not affect the strength of your stairs before you do this. What this will do is open up the stairs and gives them the appearance of a floating staircase.

To finish this staircase design you will need to have an almost invisible balustrade. Glass or skinny spindles will work well to make a stunning staircase design at nearly no cost.



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