How To Choose The Right Facade With Street Appeal

Your home is your refuge, the place you retire to at the end of a hard day and escape the stress and trauma of the modern world. But a home is more than that, the personal touches you place on your house transform it from a house into a home.

In many ways you can view the outside of your home like a curtain wall, what you do with the façade should reflect your personality. But, it must also fit in with the style of the neighborhood and your home. If you choose wisely you’ll have a home which makes you smile every time you pull into your drive.

At the same time the right façade will add value to your home. Here’s how to choose the right façade:

House Facade 1Style

Think for a moment on your personal style. Do you like the modern look of cladding, whether vinyl or wood? Or do you prefer the traditional look of brick.

Thos will tell you instantly which style direction you need to heading in. It is important to look at what the other houses in your neighborhood have as facades but your personal style is just as important.


Just as you need to consider the style of your dream home you should also consider what materials you favor the most. It can help to drive round other estates and get inspiration from what others have done to their homes!

Don’t forget that if you choose to render your home you’ll be able to paint it any color you want, although it will need repainting every few years.

House Facade 2Focal Point

If you look at any house your eye will automatically be drawn to a specific point. This might be the castle like tower, an oversized front door or even the hot tub in your front yard!

You need to think about your favorite feature of the façade and how best to draw people’s attention to it. The most obvious way is to paint it a brighter color than the rest of your home, allowing it to stand out and draw people’s eyes.

Light It Up

A good façade will stand out just as well at night time as it does during the day. To aid with this you’ll need to add lights round your property. While security lights are beneficial it can also be very attractive to add an array of down and up lights. These can illuminate specific features and give the house a friendly or even ghoulish feel!

Don’t forget that the garden can also be lit up, colored lights on trees and in bushes are a great way to create a fun but stylish façade for your home.

Whatever you decide to do it is important to think about what you want to see first, this will ensure that you love your home and it reflects the person you are. The neighbor loving it is simply a bonus!



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