5 Easy Tips to Remodel an Old House on a Budget

Remodeling an old house can be a tough challenge. Because of its old structure, certain parts or areas might need costly repairs.

If you live in a pretty old house but don’t have the budget to remodel it completely, here are few things that you can do for the meantime.

Old HouseThorough cleaning

Clean your home from floor to ceiling. Remove any stubborn dust and dirt build up that you’ll notice. Clean up the windows, light fixtures and any other surfaces around your home. A clean home can give you a clear look on what needs to be replaced or repaired immediately.

Light fixtures

Replacing old light fixtures can give your home an updated look. Replace every light bulb/lamp with energy saving ones. Take out those bulky fixtures and replace them with smaller yet brighter lamps. If you are feeling a bit creative, there are Pinterest boards and YouTube videos that can give you some ideas.

Paint up

A fresh coat of paint can instantly give your old house a brand new look and feel. It’s one of the best and cheapest ways to upgrade any home with significant change. Just make sure that the paint (color and texture) that you’ll use is suitable enough for your home’s structure.

Kitchen update

Replace those old drawer pulls, cabinet handles and other stuff that can be upgraded or replaced. You can also apply a fresh coat of paint at your kitchen wall and cabinet. Upgrading your sink and faucet may cost you a bit but if you have a budget, go for it as it can certainly give your kitchen a new feel.


Clean the floor thoroughly. Make sure it’s spotless and free from dirt and any kind of debris. Carpet and rugs can also give your floor a fresh new look so if you have a budget, buy some cheap ones and strategically place them all over your home.

These tips may sound so simple and easy. But I tell you this, their effect, if done collectively, can certainly bring out the best in your old home.


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