How To Make Your Mobile Home More Energy Efficient

Save money by making your mobile or manufactured home more energy efficient. Try the following tips and tricks that are tried and tested to work on most manufactured and mobile homes.

Change your mobile home roof covering
According to a number of tests, a cool roof coating can drastically lower the mobile home temperature, reduce smog, reflect almost 90% of sunlight and cut down unnecessary utility costs thus saving you lots of money in the long run.

Add mobile home roof insulation
Want to save up to 15% of heating and insulation costs? Insulate your homes roof cavity! With a sloped roof, it allows extra room for insulation in the ceiling of your manufactured or mobile home.

Save energy in the kitchen
According to the experts, using lids on pots and pans can greatly help in saving energy. Also, using pressure cookers can reduce the cooking time even more! You can also use appliances that are known to be energy efficient.

Replace light bulbs with a more energy efficient one
Aside from switching off the lights when not in use, you can also save more energy by changing your light bulbs into a more energy efficient ones. Look for those CFL ones that are labeled with energy efficiency mark.

Maintain your mobile home furnace
Always clean or replace the furnace filter to reduce energy cost. It will make the furnace more energy efficient thus drastically reducing the utility costs.

Make your windows more energy efficient
Put up a simple plastic window covering to help cut down drafts. These coverings can be them removed during the summer time.  For a more permanent solution, you can opt to install storm windows that uses extra glass panes fitted in the interior.

Make air conditioning more energy efficient
Lower the air conditioner energy consumption by lowering the moisture inside your mobile home. These so called moisture often comes from the ground and air leakage. Another way is to prevent heat from reaching your home. Try using window films and the like to deflect heat from reaching your manufactured home.

Add floor insulation
Check your floor insulation and if it’s not enough, hire a professional to fill it up for more.

Look out for water leakage
Water leakage can cause severe damage on your mobile home. Aside from the leakage inside, you should also be wary of water coming from the rain that flows down to your roof. Always inspect your home and make sure that everything is working right specially your drainage system.

These are just few of the many changes you can make to your mobile home to save energy and cut down utility bills. They are quite easy to do and not that expensive to finish.



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