How to Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

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When it comes down to improving your home’s appearance, look no further than enhancing your curb appeal. But what is curb appeal anyway? Well, presentation is important when you’re opting to impress visitors. For this, you should be able to focus on improving how your home looks from the curb.

One thing’s for sure, improving your curb appeal is an investment in itself. Since you’re making your home look more beautiful from the outside, you’re also improving its value in the process. So, think of it as a win-win situation for you!

Still, when it comes to upgrading your curb appeal, you need to have the resources as well as the time for projects that will beautify your home. Here are are a few things you might want to consider:

  1. Replace your roofing

The shingles and beams of your roofing deteriorate over time, whether it’s through wear and tear or environmental factors such as heat, rain, and frost. For sure, if you see the shingles curling up or there’s a leak you need to deal with, you may want to fix your roofing. You can opt for shingles of a different color to really give your home a fresh, new look. Plus, it also gives your home extra protection from the elements.

  1. Beautify your front door

Your front door is basically the portal to the interior of the house. That being said, a nice interior should be complemented with an attractive door. If it’s been around for quite some time now, you’ll notice signs of discoloration. Termite damage will give you all the more reason to replace your front door. But if you think there’s still a chance to save it, you can simply repair it using wood fillers and give it a coat of varnish. For more serious cases of termite infestation, you can hire the right contractors to salvage your front door.

  1. Take care of your lawn

Sure enough, your lawn is the first thing people see when they come to visit your home. Apparently, the personality of a homeowner is best defined by how green their grass is. That being said, it’s crucial to know the right strategies in taking care of your lawn based on where you are. For grass in Orlando, FL, for instance, it is recommended to maintain a pH level between 5.0 to 8.5, especially for St. Augustine grass which has a high demand for moisture. For colder places around the Great Lakes area, you will have to wait before the frost has fully thawed to add fertilizer to your lawn.

  1. Upgrade your lighting

Another important way to upgrade your curb appeal is to install lighting fixtures that add illumination to your exterior. For this, you can line the walkway with small lanterns. You can also install ornate lamps on the flanks of your front door. Other than that, you can also provide low-key lighting to your patio. With enough lighting, you can surely make your home stand out even during nighttime!


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