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Many of us calculate the value of our home during the home buying process, but not everyone spends time evaluating this value once the sale is over. While getting comfortable in the property is a natural step when settling in, it is also important to understand that the sustained wear and tear and the aging of the property decrease our home’s value. While prioritizing renovations may not sound exciting, you have the opportunity to enjoy an enhanced living experience and increase your home’s value with these key tips.

Often Forgotten Features

There are many features in our homes that many of us forget about until we need to maintain or replace them. Even though there are areas of the home that you cannot see or aren’t directly within your line of sight, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to maintain or fix them. Having your HVAC system serviced and replaced filters, and if you live in California, hiring someone to clean out your gutters and having a water heater company in Tarzana service your hot water heater can help you avoid monstrous costs and identify issues early. Not only can you improve the value of your home with well-functioning features, but you also will be relieved when you avoid leaks or a lack of hot water or air conditioning.

Greener Energy Sources

While you might not have considered more sustainable energy sources, these can present lucrative opportunities for homeowners. Whether you were unaware of your options or if you were intimidated by a costly installation, this may be the renovation that you urgently need. Not only do greener energy sources positively affect our planet, improve our children’s futures and reduce our environmental impact, but they also can reduce our utility costs over time. This can be incredibly valuable for you and any future home buyers.


Similarly to sustainable energy sources, you may have put off upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances and features in your home. Everything from the appliances you use to the windows and lights that you choose can be costing you more than you realize. While these upgrades may feel unnecessary if your current residence is intact, you may be missing out on an opportunity to reduce your energy usage, utility bills and chance to support a healthier planet.

Smart Technology

In our advanced digital age, the use of technology is becoming increasingly present in homes. Even if you have never considered installing smart technology in your property, this can have a sizable impact on your home’s value. Whether you opt for smart lighting to automate your lighting, a smart thermostat to learn your heating and cooling habits or a smart fridge to inform you what you are running low on, this can add a level of convenience that is hard to pass up. The automation and convenience that smart technology offers can be a luxury that is appealing to any homeowner.

Improved Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first impression of the home, and just like other terrible impressions, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Don’t let your home’s overall aesthetic be tarnished by an unimpressive and unsightly exterior. Take time to improve your curb appeal by updating the exterior paint, cleaning up your landscaping or removing any ugly obstructions or unappealing features. With your home’s updates, your home will be sure to impress anyone passing by.

Small Repairs and Improvements

Through our continued use, we can often put a significant amount of wear, tear and love in our homes that may result in small imperfections. Due to our familiarity with the space, we may not notice these small blemishes, but these also can have a significant impact on its overall value. Without too much time, effort or energy, these small repairs and imperfections can often be addressed through minor fixes and updates. While you are at it, you can also paint rooms in your home gradually to give them a fresh coat of paint and entirely transform a room.

Room by Room

While renovations can be beneficial for your home’s value, don’t take on so many projects that this becomes uncontrollable or anxiety-inducing. Consider assessing your home room by room to avoid taking on expansive and unmanageable construction updates. While renovations and improvements are typically less disruptive than full remodels, they can still disrupt our normal lives and add additional levels of stress. Strike a balance so that you can fully enjoy the process, improve your home and its value and avoid making it unbearable.

Whether we want to enhance our living experience, improve our rooms or lower our bills, we have boundless opportunities to improve our houses and there are many reasons that we should prioritize these improvements. While small issues due to sustained damage or general wear and tear can often be overlooked in our day to day lives, they can significantly impact our home’s value and can be easily addressed if we dedicate ourselves to this. Don’t waste any more time living in a mediocre space and instead improve your home and its value with these tips.


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