4 Simple Home Upgrades That Have Significant Effects

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A house is not truly a home unless it feels safe, secure, and completely comfortable. Family portraits and throw rugs help to make homes cozier, but you can do much more to add your own personal touches. Whether you bought a new house and you want to upgrade it to be totally modern or you have lived in a tiny condo for years and you have been inspired to make changes, this list is for you. Here are four of the simplest home upgrades that can be performed by novices or home improvement gurus that will significantly improve your quality of life.

1. Home Theatre Systems

Having a stereo in your home gives you the ability to listen to your favorite music as loud as you want – when you are home alone, of course. Hookup a soundbar to your television and you will feel like you are in the middle of a movie theatre the next time you decide to binge watch the newest TV shows. By contrast, home theatre systems give people the ability to enjoy their favorite types of entertainment all in the same spot. Hookup your mobile phone to your home theatre system and play your favorite MP3s throughout the house. Plug in your laptop and create a slideshow of all the pictures you took on vacation.

2. Driveway Alarms

Ahome security system will give you peace of mind whenever you step outside. Add in a video surveillance system and you can even watch over your home remotely. Driveway alarms are the next generation of in-home security and convenience. They are a great addition for your home as they are non-invasive and blend in stylishly. Use your driveway alarm to answer the door from your couch, greet couriers, and check the door before you unlock it.

3. New Light Fixtures and Energy Efficient Bulbs

Homeowners have to worry about how much their energy bills are each month if they want to stay within their budgets. While you can be careful about turning off all the lights, there is a much more efficient way to save energy, lower your power bill, and do something great for the environment. Upgrading your light bulbs so that they are all energy efficient will significantly reduce the amount of energy your home consumes. If you pair them with light fixtures, you can make you home swankier and end up still saving a lot of extra dough.

4. Using Smart Thermostats

While electricity is a big expense for homeowners, they also have more practical expenses to be concerned about. In the summer, you might crank up the air conditioning system or switch on all the ceiling fans to catch a breeze. In the winter, you have to turn the heat up so that your pipes don’t freeze, and you can stay warm. With smart thermostats, you can constantly monitor your home’s temperature, have an idea of what your upcoming energy bill is going to be, and make adjustments when you are away from home. A smart thermostat can be installed in a jiffy and you will be able to get real-time stats in minutes.

These simple additions won’t be noticeable from the outside of your house, but they will sure make it more comfortable on the inside. Imagine being able to change the temperature while you are on your way home from work, hookup your tablet to your home theatre system as soon as you step in, and dim the lights with your new lighting fixtures. It doesn’t take a lot to make a house more comfortable if you know that the important part rests in the details.


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