Home Repair Tips – What To Check After A Hurricane Hits

No one can stop a natural disaster from happening. And whatever preparation we have in place, damage and destruction is always bound to happen.

This is what a destructive hurricane does to our homes. Our preparation, no matter how good it is, is sometimes not enough to prevent damage to property. So after a hurricane hit, it’s best to check your house for possible damage that needs to be taken care off immediately. From floor to ceiling, plumbing to electrical wiring – they all must be checked to prevent further damage from happening.

hurricane hits home

What to check after a hurricane

Once the strong winds and rain subsided, it’s highly advisable to check for the following issues around your home to prevent further damage.

Insects and bugs

Strong winds and stagnant water can bring all sorts of insects and bugs around your home. Make sure to check all possible breeding grounds and get rid of them as soon as possible. It’s also best to check your weather stripping and make sure that they are still in place and intact. Look out for the dark corners of your house especially at the basement and attic and make sure that they are free from any kind of pests.

Pipe damage and leaks

If there’s a fallen or uprooted tree around your property, there’s a chance that pipes in your plumbing system is affected. Check how the water flows in your faucets and if there’s something unusual with it (slow drain, change in color, etc.), then hire a plumber immediately.

Mold build-up

There’s a huge chance of mold build-up in your home after a severe storm. If your house is quite old and already has some issues, mold is likely to happen. So better look for any mold build-up and get rid of it as soon as you can.

These tips and advice doesn’t only keep your house standing tall after a hurricane or severe storm, they can also keep you and your family’s health in good form.

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  • I didn’t know about the bugs, ish. The electrical and others I can understand the importance. Especially the damage from trees. We had a strong wind storm here in NY and one of my trees fell onto two different neighbors fences. This post will be informative for many Harvey and Irma victums.

  • This is a very informative and important post! It is highly needed right now! Mold is such a nasty thing, but it’s important to be aware as to not be effected by it’s wrath! Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks so much for this post! These are all great ideas. In my country, from June to September there are severe storms annually and knowing these tips in advance would be very helpful.

  • These are really useful tips! I would have never thought about checking the bugs and insects. Getting rid of mold is really important!

  • We got incredibly lucky that Irma didn’t hit us as hard as we expected, but some of my friends are still without power a week later. This post is wonderful, and thanks for sharing.

  • It’s been such a crazy time in our country with the hurricanes hitting. I’ve lived in California for my whole life so it’s totally foreign to me. I wouldn’t have thought of the insect issue.

  • It is so sad what has happened to so many people, these are such important tips to think about when you are so caught up in everything.

  • These are wonderful tips for the times we live in! We were hit by hurricane Irma but not very harshly… we just got the edges so huge amounts of rain and wind. Luckily we won’t need most of these tips but I have seen so many bugs in our house this week! I thought it was just because it was getting colder outside but let’s be honest… we’re in southern alabama it’s not cold. This makes way more sense.

  • Thanks for these tips. It is really helpful as we are also experiencing a lot of typhoons here in our place. I should share this with my fellows, so they will also gain information. (Francis Angelito)

  • Good tips! I’ve lived ‘up north’ my whole life and can’t imagine dealing with hurricane damage! Definitely keeping all those going through it in my thoughts.

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