15 Home Improvement Ideas To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Billions of dollars are spent on wasted energy. According to research and studies, in the United States alone, about 130 billion dollars are spent annually because of wasted energy. Aside from the huge money loss, the wasted energy also accounts to major pollution that slowly destructs Mother Nature.

Saving energy means saving money and reducing earth pollution. These are huge reasons why it’s pretty important to make your home energy efficient from now on. If you don’t know how to do it or where to start, here’s an infographic that can help you out.

15 Home Improvement Ideas To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

These tips and ideas can drastically reduce your energy usage and waste. More savings for you and less carbon footprint that pollutes the earth.

Infographic source: 99smarthomes.com

  • We are terrible at most of these! We recently got a Nest thermostat, which may help out. So many ‘automated’ things are hard to justify when it means replacing something that still works.

  • Wow there is a lot of places I can cut down on my energy wastage, this infographic gave me so much to think about, I will be implementing some saving tips!

  • There have been a few times I walk into an establishment like a Costco or even better WalMart and wonder how much electricity they use. Some large business’ leave a lot of their appliances plugged in and running overnight. I am going to save your link and follow along with your 15 tips when I have more time to create a checklist tomorrow.

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