How Can You Extend Your Home In a Low Budget

Home Extension

We all want a big home, with all the facilities at a low cost. If you like to achieve this goal within your confined space, you need to be very creative, smart, and naturally tuned into inventions. It’s not easy to extend your home naturally, because you got to take care of your budget, your basic needs as well as plan your ideas appropriately to attain the look you desire. Let me give you an overview of how you could make it happen!


The first thing you need to do is to PLAN; of course, planning is the most basic step to any venture, and it requires an alert and observing mind. Here the task becomes more difficult because you have to accommodate your basic needs within a low budget.

While planning, include things such as removing unused things, recycling anything if possible, clear your house of broken, old furniture, and work on washing, cleaning, vacuuming, and other such sweeping jobs. After you are done with these, pursue your creative ideas to extend your home, without wasting any money.

Start Rebuilding

The second step after the planning and cleaning process is to start collecting material for rebuilding. Now here, it all depends on your researching skills and your ability to mix up things to get a glamourous and extended look. For example, if you want any of your room to look bigger, you can tear down a wall between two places to extend your room.

Most kitchens have a wall, which makes the house look more compact. Remove that wall and make the kitchen a part of the living room. Other than that, you can remove huge couches or dining table and replace with soft fashionable cushions. These cushions can be taken from the couch you are throwing away and replaced with new covers. There you go; an extended sitting space. Or you can simply buy a bed cum sofa. That would save more place and effort.

Make New Furniture

After all these minor creativities, you need a ready-made or customized furniture to suit your needs. Furniture bought readymade could be more costly and may occupy more space. So instead, get your artistic side ready, draw up some compact designs, and get a carpenter to make your beds, bed heads, chairs, cupboards, etc, for you. Design the furniture as per the spaces available in the house, so your rooms look bigger and not cluttered.

Home Decor

Apart from the furniture, your home decor and setup must give a feeling of relaxation. Try keeping your curtains light and bright, as that will give the home an airy feeling. Do not put up heavy, silk or satin binds, if you live in a flat or a small home. Remember that you have to maintain them and they would look silly and outdated, otherwise.

Bear in mind that this is the age, where less means more. Do not make a mess in your home; give it space for the air to come in and out for a healthy living. So, the next time you plan to extend your house, do it the natural way!


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