5 Good Characteristics Of An Energy-Efficient Home

Building and designing an energy efficient home is quite easy if you know what to look for. Below are 5 of the common characteristics that all energy efficient homes do have. Check them out and see if any of them are also present in your house.

Good location

House LandscapingBuild your home near major establishments and buildings. It’s better if you can find a place near the workplace, school and supermarket or stores. This can help you conserve energy when it comes to transportation. It’s also best to find a place where the sun naturally shines so you can take full advantage of solar powered gadgets and appliances.

Proper insulation

Having a good insulation can definitely help in reducing energy cost or consumption. Make sure that you have a high level of insulation especially if you live in a place where extreme weather condition usually occurs. Inspect it thoroughly from your basement to attic and make sure that your insulation is still at its good condition.

Good ventilation

Lovely HomeMake sure that your home is well ventilated. Make sure that the outside fresh air can come through whenever needed. Install extra windows or exhaust fan to add more ventilation in your home. If you are not sure if your home is properly ventilated, call for professional help for proper adjustments and inspection.

Building Materials

Make sure that your home is using materials with low environmental impact. Make sure that the materials you’ll use can withstand extreme weather condition and durable enough to last for years. Also try to reduce your waste materials when building your house to minimize pollutants.

Appliances and lights

Use energy efficient appliances and lights inside your house. Nowadays, almost all appliances features energy saving capabilities so make sure to look for them when you are about to buy one. Old appliances tend to consume more energy so consider ditching them out in replacement of newer and more energy efficient ones.

  • I love that you included the environmental impact of materials used! We are getting ready for our first build and these are all super solid tips!

  • Great points to think about! My eyes are opened to how the location of a home can actually affect efficiency. Sunlight is one thing but the proximity of the property to where one need’s to go also comes into consideration. Great point about how energy efficiency doesn’t simply mean efficiency for the home, but also via transportation. Great post! Thank you.

  • My house is so very old, about 100 years old. It is the opposite of energy efficient. Poor insulation, if any in some places. I do have energy efficient appliances and light bulbs. My goal is to keep winter outside. lol

  • If you are planning to move in these are some great ideas in finding a new home. Do a quick research before moving in. Make sure the house have these 5 characteristics not only for being energy-efficient but for your safety also.

  • It would be so nice to consume less energy! Not only are you saving money but you’re also saving the environment. These are really important factors to make your home more energy efficient.

  • Great list and so true! We’ve had a big surge in the number of residents in my city and now there’s apparently a huge problem with homes not being energy efficient because they are don’t have proper ventilation and light. 🙁 There’s a big protest against the mayor for approving the plans.

  • I would love to follow all these points and aim for a similar house to rent. Also, I learn new things like insulation and such. Thanks

  • I agree with everything here. I think we got lucky with our house, we bought on with a cheap price. It is in a good location but we needed to renovate it.

  • Great tips! Years ago, I replaced all our light bulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescent lights. We got brighter. My
    light for a fraction of the cost. My electric bill was proof!

  • Having an energy efficient home helps to save a lot of money. Our old home was not energy efficient but the new one is, so we really notice the difference.

  • I think having an energy efficient home is something everyone should aspire towards. We can always improve on our living space and in our communities.

  • These are all wonderful tips. If you’re building or upgrading you might as well pick the material that are going to be all around the best in the long run!

  • These are all great tips. Energy and electricity efficient are one of our need today. We have been trying our lightbulb in LED. It will help a lot to save energy.

  • This list is very important if you are planning to build a house. This must be kept in mind to ensure a safe and a lot more convenient house that you and your family will really appreciate.

  • I will have a conversation with my husband about the status of our home in terms of your stated five characteristics of an energy efficient home. We did some renovation recently so I can say the home is properly insulated, has good ventilation and is in a good location in terms of the premises described. However, as to whether or not the appliances are energy efficient and the building materials of low environmental impact I would have to assess that these characteristics in a consultation with my husband. Thanks for bringing awareness in this area.

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