5 Simple But Very Effective Tips for Furnishing a Small Home

Furnishing a small house doesn’t have to be hard and tricky. The key is to choose furnishings that complement and help maximize your small space. Use multi-functional furniture that serves different purposes. Taking advantage of the wall space can greatly help as well.

Here are some more tips and ideas in furnishing a small home.

Small Wooden House


Always think about extra storage whenever you are considering buying new furniture. If it’s a new bed, opt for the one that have built-in drawers underneath. Bunk beds with different storage options can do the trick for your kids’ bedroom. The space under the stairs (if you have any) can also be used as extra shelves or drawers. Ottoman with storage is also a good addition at your small home.


Aside from the extra storage options, also look out for furniture that are multifunctional.  For example, couches that becomes bed, coffee table that can also be used as a work desk and so on. There are lots of multifunctional furniture you can find online so better research them first before buying one.

Easy-to-fold furniture

Opt for furniture that you can fold-out-of-the-way when not in use. Folding chairs, tables, beds and desks are few examples. You can also buy those stackable chairs for your kitchen and dining room.

Make use of your wall

Make use of your vertical space whenever you are thinking about adding extra storage. Wall mounted shelves, cabinets and the like can give you extra space for your books and other light stuff. You can install a hammock that goes above your head for your kids’ small toys and stuffed animals. Adding some hooks at your kitchen wall can also give you a good place to hang your pots and pans.

Throw away unused/broken stuff

Get rid of your non-functional furniture and old household items. Replace them with a new, multifunctional and modern one that can help save space. You can try selling some of your old stuff or better yet donate them to a charity institution. The less stuff you have the better as it can help you get the space that you wanted.

With these tips, you can surely furnish your home easily and more effectively!

Featured image via Tappancs / Pixabay


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