7 Handyman Tools Every Homeowner Should Own

Having a good set of handyman tools is very important for homeowners. These can be very useful in times of emergency or when there’s something that needs to be repaired immediately.

Below are some of the most basic yet very important tools that each and every homeowner must have at home.

Handyman Tools


One hammer is good but if you can get two, much better. Get one heavyweight hammer and one lightweight hammer. The heavier one can be used for outside repairs and maintenance while the lighter one can be used for light materials such as pins an tacks.

Drill and Drill Bits

A multipurpose, battery operated drill can be really useful for a number of tasks. Just buy a set of drill bits with a selection of Philips-head, square-drive and slotted that comes in different sizes and you are good to go.


Even if you already have a batter powered drill and driver, a manual set of screwdrivers can be also useful. You can use it for simple tasks that don’t require much time and effort. You can either buy a variety of different types of screwdrivers (flathead, Phillips, slotted) or just get one with interchangeable heads.

Adjustable Crescent Wrench

An adjustable crescent wrench can work wonders. And because it can be adjusted to fit any size of nuts and bolts, you’ll only need one at home. There are also crescent wrenches available nowadays that can adjust automatically to the size of the bolt.

Extension Cord

This might not be considered as a real handyman tool but it can serve a lot of purpose. Extension cords can be used for portable lights that you might need when you worn on dark areas or corners of your house. You can also use it when you are working outside your home.

Tape Measure

This one is a total must have for homeowners. You can use it when there’s a need to measure your window, doors, furniture and other stuff around your home. You will surely find a simple tape  measure truly useful around your home.


But a set of pliers that comes in different sizes and types. Locking pliers are for multipurpose gripping, channel-lock pliers for pipes and vales and long nose pliers for tiny spaces and corners. You can also include the electrician’s pliers at your tools for stripping and cutting wires.

These simple tools can surely help you a lot in case of emergency or trouble! So check your toolbox now and see if you already have them all.


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