6 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great

6 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great

Anita Edwards from Spekless in Washington, D.C. has contributed this article

Having a clean smelling home is key to creating long lasting memories. Because our senses are connected to our emotions, the better we feel about things the happier we are. This means that smells are directly related to your ability to feel positive about your living space. If you’re curious about how to keep your home smelling great, keep reading below to find six easy ways.

Baking Soda

The first part of making a home smell great is deodorizing. If you try to add a scent to a funky smelling area, the negative smell can increase or overpower what you’re using to cover it up. To deodorize, sprinkle baking soda by key areas of your home that have distinct smells. These places could include in your shoes, pet beds, and garbage cans.

Stove top Simmer

After your home is free of smelly scents, you can begin to add fragrances to create your unique house smell. In a saucepan, add items that have strong, pleasant smells to three cups of water and simmer them on your stovetop. One great combination of products to add is sliced lemon, eucalyptus, and vanilla extract.

If you’re looking for a spicier smell, try using a sliced apple, cloves, cinnamon sticks, and an orange peel. This smell is perfect for those holiday months. The heat from the simmer will permeate throughout your home and leave the perfect smell everywhere.

Clean the Kitchen

Cleaning your kitchen is a vital aspect of having a great smelling home. And yes, please make them cleaned! Also, note down that DC house cleaning removes the pain of finding, hiring and paying professionals for this kind of dirtiest work.

You know, your kitchen can hold plenty of germs and bacteria which causes unpleasant smells throughout your home. Be sure to change out your sponge at least once every month to avoid having a moldy scent in your kitchen.

This will keep your dishes cleaner, too! Also, look out for fridge drips and messes spilled inside your refrigerator. These can generate bad smells as well, so keep this area clean. Lastly, get scented garbage cans or take out your garbage often to prevent these decaying smells from permeating through your home.


Baking is not only a fun activity for a family and children, but it leaves a home smelling sweet and enticing. A classic thing to bake can be homemade chocolate chip cookies. This classic treat is sure to liven up your home and create long lasting memories for anyone who steps foot in your home.


Candles are one of the more typical and known ways to make your homes smell distinctive. What may not be known, though, is how to strategically place them throughout areas of your house. Place the same candles in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom to have a single smell stay in the house. Alternatively, you can use incense sticks for the same results.


Plants are the best way to add pops of color and freshness into your home. Plants take in carbon dioxide which humans breathe out and emit oxygen. Having fresh oxygen circulate through your home constantly is sure to keep your home deodorized and clean.

Home Sweet Home

Overall, having a unique and distinct smell for your home can create positive feelings and memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Be sure to deodorize, then add key fragrances to liven up your home and leave it smelling fantastic!

Today’s post was from Anita Edwards – professional writer and editor. She works as blog editor at Spekless, where she shares her own and her colleagues’ tips for cleaning. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and going on day trips with her children.


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