5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Home Maintenance

Buying a house is the biggest investment or decision that most people will make. This is why it’s just fitting and right to keep it at its tip top shape by doing regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs.

Some people think that home maintenance can be quite costly and expensive. Well, it can be if you don’t have any idea or knowledge on what to do. Luckily, there are tons of tips and tricks online that can teach how to do simple home repairs without breaking your wallet.  Some of the best ones are as follows.

Rent tools or buy second hand

If you need a certain tool for a project, don’t buy a brand new one just for it, just rent it. There are several websites that offers tools for rent. You can also post about it on your social media wall (Facebook or Twitter) and quite sure, some of your friends could help.  Some may even let you use the tool without paying a dime for it.

Save materials from past projects

Don’t throw out excess materials from past project, save them and store them for future use. Those extra pieces of screws, bolts and nuts can be useful for some of your home maintenance projects in the future so don’t trash them yet. And if you just need few pieces of these materials, you can always ask a friend and see if they have any spare or leftover.

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Use recycled paint

If you are not that “delicate” when it comes to paint colors or brand, you can always use those recycled paint often found at paint stores or hardware stores. Recycled paints are those paints mixed incorrectly so they are often sold in much cheaper prices.  You can use this kind of paint at your garage, basement or attic.

Do preventive maintenance

Remember, prevention is better than cure so it’s a good idea to keep your home free from damage-causing materials or so.  Sweep debris regularly off your roof to prevent moisture and mold from building up. Same thing goes with your basement and attic – make sure to clean them up once in a while. Check out the corners for possible cracks or holes. Look on your pipes and make sure that everything is in good working condition.

Keep everything organized

Keep your workspace, tools and materials organized at all times. An organized workspace can give you a clear view of what’s missing and what materials you don’t have to buy. This can also save you a lot of time (time is money, right?) so before your start doing the task, organize your stuff.

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  • These are all wonderful ideas! Typically when I buy tools I will buy them used it really does save a lot of money and they work just fine. I will take into account some of these other tips and try them also.

  • I am pretty much handy with tools. I remember my husband (then boyfriend) said that I am the first girl he dated that actually owned her own tool box. Haha. If I can find a way to do simple home repairs, I do it myself. That’s a great way to save some money!

  • This is such a great tips to save more money in doing home maintenance. I will definitely share this with my husband.

  • These are helpful tips! I didn’t know about recycled paints. Buying these paints can help you especially if you’re working on a tight budget for your home repairs and renovation. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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