Ever Heard Of The Michigan Ice Film? Watch This Awesome Teaser!

This is a teaser for the Michigan Ice film, the untold story of an inland sea, a small town and one of North America’s largest concentrations of climbable ice and home to one of its oldest ice climbing festivals.

The Michigan Ice Film

This film project is started and created by Aaron Peterson/ Clear and Cold Cinema. This film captures the beauty and history of the world class ice climbing located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan around Munising.

For more information about this film, visit the following links:

Michigan Ice Film Official Facebook Page
The Michigan Ice Film and a Q&A with Aaron Peterson by YOOPERSTEEZ.COM

Kudos to Aaron and his team for this film. This one truly highlights one of many reasons why MICHIGAN is the greatest state ever!

28 thoughts on “Ever Heard Of The Michigan Ice Film? Watch This Awesome Teaser!

  1. My goodness, the teaser is amazing enough to add more interest to watch it when it hits the theaters. I just can imagine how hard Ice Climbing is & the movie is going to be a great adventure to watch out.

  2. I love the UP in Michigan. I’ve never been during the winter but I think I am going to need to add this to my list of places to visit during the winter. I’ve only been to the UP in the summer months. Beautiful!

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