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Finding a pet-friendly rental home or property where you can keep your furry friend can be really daunting. Finding a landlord who is willing to let you keep your pet/s can be really quite challenging.They are somewhat hesitant to let you keep your pet for few reasons like for example the risk of damage to the property and foul smell or odor.

If you need some advice on how to find a pet-friendly rental property in Michigan, read the tips I wrote below. It can surely help in finding the perfect home for you and your animal companion.

Pet Friendly House Rentals in Michigan – How and Where To Find Them?

There are several websites and listings that can help you filter the properties that allows pets.  Zillow, Trulia and even Craigslist has this filtering capability or feature that can help you trim down the houses that are willing to take in your lovely furry friend.

You can also call or contact local real estate agents and tell them about your needs. Mention the breed and size of your pet so they can offer you the perfect property.

If you already found the perfect home, now its about time to get your rental application approved. You must prove to the landlord that you are a responsible pet owner. You must make your application impressive enough by following the below tips and advice.

Pet character references – Ask your previous landlord about some sort of pet character reference showing how responsible pet owner you are and how behave your furry friend is.

Records – Show your landlord the records of your pet such as vaccines, training and other things that your pet took or participated with. Provide this documents to further amplify your rental application.

Get committed with cleaning – Tell the landlord or property owner about your commitment to clean each and every corner of their property. Promised them that you’ll get their carpets cleaned professionally every now and then.

Negotiate with your pet agreement – Give the  landlord something that

Pay more on top of your monthly rent – Add some $$ on top of your monthly rental fee as a thank you gesture for allowing your pet inside their premises. Have this kind of agreement in writing for more stronger effect.

Go with a 3 months trial period – If the landlord is still hesitating in approving your rental application, then offer some sort of trial period. Within the trial period, if your pet shows good behavior and you are a truly good and responsible pet owner, pretty sure they will allow you to stay for a longer period.

Claim responsibility – tell your landlord about your willingness to pay for and fix any damage to their property caused by your furry friend. This will keep their mind at ease knowing that you’ll shoulder all kind of expenses.

With these tips, pretty sure that your application in renting a pet friendly home will get an approval seal. If you are looking for a pet friendly house for rent in Michigan, you can check out our homes for rent and for sale web page.

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