Buying vs Renting Your Future Home

The debate is still on. This debate probably won’t end today nor tomorrow. The debate of what is the best thing to do, buy or rent a home?

If you are thinking about buying or renting a home, these infographics might help you in making your decision. Check it out!

Buy Rent Infographic Reny Buy HomeBuyerFlowchart

19 thoughts on “Buying vs Renting Your Future Home

  1. I rented for about 6 months before I got married and worked like a dog to get my own place. I hated wasting money on rent.

  2. It’s always best to buy, if you can afford it. However for those who are not ready, renting is just as convenient.

  3. Think that owning properties as investments and living in a rental property is probably the most profitable approach. Always nice to be in your own home though and not have to deal with rental inspections all the time.

  4. It’s hard to come up with the initial down payment. I think that’s what stops so many people from taking that leap. They can probably afford the mortgage but that darn 20% down is tough!

  5. We decided to buy, which has turned out to be an amazing investment! Three years later and we have an amazing amount of equity and we’re still saving a lot each month. It totally depends on each individual situation.

  6. Owning is definitely the way to go! I just wish they would make it easier for folks to get mortgages! It was a pain to buy our home!

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