7 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit and Stay in Michigan This Summer

Michigan summer is truly fun and exciting!  With its mesmerizing wonders of nature surrounded by heavenly bodies of water, summer in the Great Lakes State is totally one of the best ever.

There are plenty of reasons to visit and vacation in Michigan this summer. Although it might not offer the kind of entertainment that the other state has (like California, Florida or Hawaii), one thing is for sure, you will surely enjoy what Michigan has to offer.

Beautiful, world famous beaches

Yes, we might not have the views of the ocean but as the “Great Lakes State”, our freshwater sceneries are much better than some of the most beautiful seas you know. From the clear water of Lake Michigan up to the soothing waves of Lake Superior, beaches here are truly enchanting!

Hiking and biking trails

Love to explore the outdoors this summer season? Try some of the best biking trails and hiking trails that Michigan has to offer. All of the trails in Michigan offer breathtaking views that you won’t find anywhere else.

Hike Trails

Summer festivals

Summer festivals in Michigan totally rocks! Here are few of the many that will surely captivate your heart – 9 Kind of Weird Yet Wonderful Summer Festivals in Michigan.

Jaw-dropping sunrise and sunset

Are you a fan of beautiful sunrise and sunset?  In Michigan, you can witness both! To give you a good glimpse of it, check out this article post – LOOK! Stunning Images of Michigan Sunrises.

Sunrise Michigan

Beer, locally-brewed, award winning beer!

Michigan has its own beer festival for a reason. With its amazing numbers of award-winning local breweries, you can surely satisfy your beer belly in this summer destination. For starters, check out this list of Award Winning Craft Breweries in Michigan.

Enjoy the dunes

Explore the world famous Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore and found out why it was once named as The Most Beautiful Place in America. If this place is not enough, consider visiting all of the places mentioned at this post – 6 Jaw-Dropping Scenic Overlooks In Michigan.

Michigan Summer Dunes

Enchanting waterfalls

With almost over 200 waterfalls in Michigan, you will surely be able to stumble across one of them even if it’s totally unplanned.  And to give you what Michigan waterfalls looks like, check out this blog post – 19 Enchanting Waterfalls Of Michigan That You Must See!

If this list won’t convince you to stay in or visit Michigan this summer season, I don’t know what else will!

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