8 Of The Best And Most Exciting Mountain Bike Trails in Michigan

There are lots of fun things and adventures that you can do around Michigan. With its great resources and wonders of nature, you won’t run out of great activities to do. One of the best fun adventure to do around the Mitten State is mountain bike trailing.

Michigan is one of the states that has the best mountain bike trails. Below is a list of 8 of the best Michigan trails as ranked by Singletracks and it’s community members.

Singletracks.com, a community of mountain bike lovers and enthusiasts, ranked the trails by weighing the following factors: average trail raiting, number of members who have ridden the MTB trail and the number of members who want to ride the trail.

1. Copper Harbor Trails, Copper Harbor

2. South Marquette Trails, Marquette

3. Potawatomi Trail, Pinckney

4. Fort Custer Recreation Area, Augusta

5. Arcadia Dunes, Arcadia

6. Pontiac Lake, Pontiac

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7. Brighton Rec Area, Brighton


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8. Lakeshore Park, Novi

To see the rest of this list, head over to this link:

If you are living or about to live in Michigan and mountain biking is one of your hobbies, this list will surely make you love the state even more, right?

23 thoughts on “8 Of The Best And Most Exciting Mountain Bike Trails in Michigan

  1. I don’t normally go on mountain bike trails but I can see why people who do shouldn’t miss these spots. Everything is just so relaxing, it would definitely be a good activity to do with people you love, it makes for awesome quality time.

  2. Wow these all look wonderful. I’ve never been to Michigan, but it looks just gorgeous. I love mountain biking so this would be something I’d do for sure!

  3. These look like beautiful trails. I would have a tough time as I’m not a mountain biker. Great info for those who are.

  4. Great list! I live in MI and there are some incredible bike trails. I have been on a few of these but not all. I would love to bike in Copper Harbor.

  5. We used to visit the trails in different areas around where we lived when we were in Michigan too. So many great ones!!

  6. Michigan has been one of my favorite places to visit, but never had a chance to explore yet. These mountain bike trails are quiet amazing & my husband would love spending so much time all over here.

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