Use Property Clearance Service For Rented Homes

Use a property clearance service to have a clear out

More and more people need to use the services of a property clearance company. There are a number of reasons to turn to specialist property clearance services, but the main reason is to completely empty out a place. A professional company can help discard of the broken, unwanted rubbish and junk in the correct manner.

Why do you need to hire a property clearance company? There are stacks of times when you will need to use a specialist clearance company. Are you moving house, and accumulated a lot of clutter over the years which you don’t want to move to the new address? You may be moving overseas and don’t want the removals expense of taking your belongings so far. Do you let out a property, and the old tenant has left a lot of mess behind for you to clear out before the new occupier moves in? Do you have an elderly or disable relative that needs to move from their own property into special care facilities for round the clock care? There are many times in your life that you will need to use a professional clearance company.

One of the first jobs to do is to contact companies in your area, and ask about the service they provide and if they suit your needs ask for a quote. The companies will be able to give you advice on how to go about using the services available. In addition they will want to make certain that the belongings your leave for them is rubbish and ready for them to dispose of in the correct manner.

Whether it is your own home, a rental or helping a relative the same information applies.
First allow plenty of time to do this job. It is a big job clearing out any size property so it needs good planning. Be prepared, have plenty of storage arranged for the possessions you want to keep. You might need a removal company to move your possessions and even a cleaning company to do the clean up when the property is totally cleared out.
If it makes things easier set yourself up with a color code system. Have different colored labels to where it is going, i.e. keeping, selling, recycling, charity or dumping. Don’t expect to get it sorted in a day; make time to sort one room at a time this may vary on the size and take from half a day to longer. First safely pack the things you want to keep and arrange storage. Next anything that is in good condition you could try to sell it first and make some cash. Use local resources such as papers, car boots or on the internet. If you can’t get rid of it you could recycle or send it to the local charity organizations. There is always somebody that can make use of things you don’t need any more. You will need to call and sort out a collection or for you to drop it off at the charity shop. When you have gotten rid of the belongings you can then you can call and arrange a date for the clearance company to do the rest and completely clear out the property.

It is worth noting that there are many things that can’t just dump including car batteries, oil, paint, pesticides and fluorescent light bulbs. As well as certain electrical appliances such as fridges, freezers, televisions and pc monitors. These will be sorted by the professional clearing services as there are special permits and procedures to discard these materials. You will be informed of how they will be disposed of and supplied with a receipt.


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