6 Proven Effective Tips for Finding the Best House For Rent

Finding the perfect rental home is quite a tough challenge nowadays. Because more and more people are now more inclined to rent than buy a home, the competition becomes fierce more than ever.

As a tenant, you have to be more intelligent in finding the house to rent. You have to be one step ahead of your competition to get the dream rental house that you always wanted.

Here are few tips and advice that can get you started.

Start your search early in the month

Don’t wait until midmonth to search for houses for rent. Experts say that in terms of price and location, it’s best to perform the search earlier in the month.  It’s also highly recommended to start searching 2 months before your need to move specially if you are looking at areas where rental properties are very few.

Start searching online but don’t rely too much on it

Typical tenants or renters of today will start their house for rent search on Craigslist, Zillow and other rental listing sites. This is a good and convenient way to start things up. But, don’t rely too much on it. After getting a list online, visit them at least once so you’ll get a personal view and feel of the property and the surrounding community.

Get help from the pros

If you are totally busy and don’t have time to do the house for rent search yourself, get help from the pros. Find a broker who specializes in rental properties and let him/her do the work. This is truly helpful if you are looking in areas where the competition for rental properties is quite tight. Just talk to a broker, let him/her know your preferences and budget and wait for the results.

Be aware of scams

If something is too good to be true, stay away from it pronto! If an online listing promises a lot of things for a cheap price, think twice about it. Don’t ever send money (like deposit fee) online to anyone without visiting the house for rent personally.

Use the power of social media

Let your social media friends know that you are looking for a house for rent. This will help speed things up when it comes to searching the perfect home to rent.

Offer 13-month lease

If you already found the perfect house to rent but the competition for it is quite tough, tell your landlord that you’ll sign a 13-year lease. This way, the landlord will have more sense of security specially during the slow months of their rental properties.

With these tips and advice, finding and getting the perfect rental house will be easier and less hassle.

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