Things to Prepare When Moving to A Bigger Home

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The times, they are changing. Mom is going to have a baby. Your husband just got a giant promotion at his job. Aunt Betty left your family part of her inheritance. Grandma and Grandpa are coming to live with you. These are just a few out of a countless reasons why people pack up all their belongings and move to a bigger house of their choosing.

Moving is not an easy task, though. There is so much to do and so much groundwork to be accomplished before you book in a date for movers to take your packed-up belongings away. If you live in Detroit, for instance, have you researched the price and reputation of Michigan moving companies? Or were you planning to convince some friends to help out?

Such arduous work takes much planning and assessing. It’s almost like transferring a single goldfish from a little glass bowl with other fishes to his own home in a much grander fish tank. The fish just can’t be tossed into his new home and expected to survive. The water must be conditioned. The temperature needs to be of a certain degree, and there will need to be decorations for the animal to swim around. Moving is the same for people too. There are always things to prepare when moving into a bigger home.

A successful move incorporates three things: preparation, preparation, preparation!

  1. Prepare Your Budget

Preparing your budget doesn’t just mean assessing how much money you’re going to spend on professional movers. It involves considering and allotting your allowance of monies according to your lifestyle. When preparing to move, will you be buying or renting a home? This question alone will change your budget drastically. In a small apartment or home, the expenses are also smaller. The cost of heating or cooling a little house is only a fraction of the amount needed compared to a six-bedroom, two-level Victorian mansion. The difference could be very significant on your living expenses. Taxes are another expenditure that can creep up due to the size of your house. The bigger the home, the more property taxes many be assessed. This applies to mortgages, too.

What if your new home has a bigger backyard? Are there more windows on the second floor than you had in your old studio apartment? Budgets consist of allotting your money to the priorities of your life. It’s going to be necessary to cut that grass that grows around your new house. Do you need to buy a riding lawnmower because the back yard is so big? How many window treatments will be required from keeping nosy neighbors from peering into your new kitchen or bathroom? These are just some of the reasons why it’s important to prepare your budget in advance.

  1. Prepare To Pack

Moving and sorting your belongings is time consuming. What needs to be packed? Can anything be donated or given away? When re-locating to a bigger place it’s important to decide whether you want to cull, or keep most things and get rid of some once you’re established. This can determine whether you need to hire a moving company, or whether you have the capacity to shift the boxes yourself. As you can see, there are many questions that must be answered before one piece of packing tape is involved. Consider asking friends for help, too; not to just move furniture, but to recommend establishments that assist those on the move. Nowadays, there are even apps that’ll guide you through the complicated process of moving.

  1. Prepare To Wait

When all else is done, prepare to wait. The thrill of starting something new is exhilarating and scary at the same time. Be patient with your new home. With more space and more rooms, give yourself time to imagine how you want to decorate and embellish each corner. This is your new home—dream about how you want to live in it. Do you look forward to a morning coffee as you sit on your back porch? Plan for that café table and matching chair to bring that vision to life. Design a strategy for your old and new furniture. Can they be used together in a cohesive way? It’s easy to rush into a place and abandon your old belongings, but consider whether they may work with a coat of paint or some new upholstery.Dream, plan, and visualize. Patience is the key to a successful move into a bigger home.


Moving to a bigger home is a grand task that requires much planning and ample strategizing. There’s typically lots of money involved, many hands that are needed, and days full of dreaming to be had. But, before you get overwhelmed, try to remember the reason why you’re moving in the first place. While the details may be daunting, it’s inevitable that your new place will soon feelcomfortable and homey.


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