Eight Ways To Shorten Real Estate Buying Journey

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Real estate buying is a beautiful journey that brings about several emotions, including finally finding a place to call home for an anticipated future and getting the best deal. However, it can be stressful, especially with its lengthy process. It requires a lot of sacrifice and patience in the steps you have to take because some may take some time. Fortunately, there are ways to shorten the journey for real estate buying. Coquitlam realtor and similar services can give more insights. Read through this article to learn.

  1. Consider Online Lending

It is one of the ways to shorten the purchase journey because it takes a relatively short time to get a mortgage loan. The process is faster because you can upload the required documents anywhere and at any time, there’s automated underwriting, and credit checks are integrated, among other advantages.

  1. Ask For Advice From Other Homeowners

It is beneficial for both a first-time buyer and an existing homeowner. Find out, from a neighbor or someone you know well, the process they went through when buying their house and what the experience was like. Inquire about things like the offer, whether there were down payments made, whether they worked with an agent or a broker, and how they finally sealed the deal. Doing this will save you the stress you could go through in buying a house.

  1. Be Prepared Financially

To successfully and comfortably buy a home requires that you take some deliberate actions about being financially prepared. You have to make some short-term sacrifices, such as doing whatever you can to reduce your spending. It means that you need to review your expense list and cross out what you can do without and what may not be necessary. Think about getting more affordable insurance, limiting eating out as much as possible, and shopping from grocery stores with reasonable prices, among other things you can consider. It may look like a punishment to do away with some things that may seem so small, in the name of cutting down on expenses to save. You will realize that it’s worth doing when you can save faster towards home buying.

  1. Approach Professionals For Help 

When planning to buy a house, it’s crucial to get advice from a financial professional on how to go about buying, considering what your goals are. It’s also good to approach a mortgage lender representative to help you understand all you need to know about mortgages. The representative will walk you through the process and focus on how you’ll be able to pay the mortgage. They will help you determine the most appropriate way of saving towards your down payment so that it doesn’t have to be 20% but could be as little as 3%.

  1. Find A House Away From The City

This tip is considered a way to shorten the journey for real estate buying because prices are said to decrease as you go further away from the city proper. Ensure that the place is near public transportation and has the required resources and infrastructure. It will surely save you time and money when purchasing your new property.

  1. Consider Online Buying

It involves apps that guide you in home buying without securing any appointments or interacting with agents. The advantage of online buying is that you will obtain prices that have already been determined by data systems. It gives you deals wherever you are in just a few swipes and clicks. It makes the appraisal process much easier for you.

  1. Look For Prices Of Homes That Are Similar To What You Want

Get in touch with a real estate agent who can get information on whether there have been any recent sales in the particular area where you want to buy a house. It will help you know the expectations of the seller, which will enable you to come up with a budget and then make a sound offer.

  1. Be Sure That It Is The Right Time To Buy A House

Your decision should be guided by considerations of whether you need more space, the need to settle somewhere comfortable, and generally how financially prepared you are despite what could be going on in the market. Impulsive buying will surely take you time to decide because you are unsure of the decisions you’re making. So, you need to be sure when buying a property to avoid wasting your time.


The tips for shortening the buying journey discussed here will help you go through the process no matter how stressful and time-consuming it may be. On top of it all, you should be financially ready to buy a house as your finances will help fast-track the home-buying process.


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