The Renter’s Guide To Interior Design: Cheap Ways You Can Spice Up Rented Walls

Not all of us actually have the financial capability to go out and buy a house. Of course, most of us are still afraid to deal with mortgages. This is just one of the reasons why a lot of people love to rent. These days, you can see houses for rent just about everywhere. Finding one is not really that difficult anymore. Plus, most people would get to find a house for rent at a very affordable price. It seems as though renting is the perfect choice that we have today.

Painter ShadowHowever, renting does come with one limitation– decoration. If you are the type of person who wish to make the rental his home, then you may have some problems doing that. One of the most common things that renters would like to change in their house for rent is the walls. When it comes to walls, the first thing that would come to mind would be to change the color of its paint. However, this is not highly recommended since you will have to shell out money for something that is not your permanently.  Lucky for you, there are now various ways on how you can spice up your rented walls without having to shell out money and violate any landlord policies. Here are some.Paint Brush

Wall Decals

I am pretty sure you cringed at the first sight of wall decals. It’s true that most college women would use decals in the most absurd way possible. However, wall decals would be a great interior design when you use it appropriately and with great taste.

Commission Paintings

These days, there are lots of starting artist that have great talent. When you buy pieces from them, you do not only get to help them save money, you get to save money as well. In addition to that, you will have something that can help spice up your dull rented walls.

Canvass frames covered with fabrics

If you have a big wall and you do not know what to do with it, this is the best step to take. Buy empty canvasses and find a fabric that suits your srtyle and cover it up. For best results, hang these in clusters. A yard of fabric is quite affordable. Plus, this can be easily customized. In the event that you get tired of the current design, you can easily unwrap it and put on a new cover.

Contact paper

If you wish to jazz up your shelves, then this can be done by wrap it up with contact paper. You can cover the back and inside of the shelves with a  contact paper. You can follow a patter on create color accents.

Wall fabric

If you wish to attach fabric to the walls, the only thing you will need is liquid starch.

With all these amazing tips, the possibilities are endless!

Image License: CC0 Public Domain / PIXABAY
Ryan McGuire


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