6 Basic Yet Very Important Questions First-Time Renters Should Ask

Is it your first time to rent? If yes, here are some very important questions that you should ask before signing the lease. These questions can give you handful of information that can make your renter life easier and more comfortable.

What are the utilities included and who pays for them?

Ask the landlord who pays for the water, gas, electric and even the trash pickup. If they say that they will shoulder some of the utilities, make sure that it’s clearly written or mentioned at the lease.  Put everything into writing.

Internet or WiFi usage fee?

Some apartments offer free WiFi. Ask your landlord if they have such service and if they charge for it. If yes, ask how much and see if you can opt out of it if you deem it too expensive.

Tenancy Agreement

Who shoulders maintenance and repairs and to what extent?

Most rental homes or apartments cover basic repairs and maintenance like heat and air, plumbing and basic appliance. Ask your landlord about it and make sure that everything that they’ll say is mentioned at the lease. Again, put everything into writing.

What does it take to break the lease?

Before signing the lease, ask your landlord what does it take to break the lease and what are the corresponding fees? Some landlords will just get your security deposit while some will require you to pay 3 months worth of rent.

How can you get your security deposit back?

Some landlords will do everything they can to keep your security deposit. So before you give out your money, ask the landlord if you can get it back when the time comes for you to move out. Better yet, ask some of the past tenants (or check out their reviews online) about the landlord’s stand when it comes to refunding the security deposit.

Special pet policies?

Most landlords will say that they allow pets at their property. But before you sign the lease, ask about its specifics. Is there a size limit? How about the breed, do they have special rules about it? Is there an additional fee per pet that you’ll bring in?

  • It’s been over twenty years since i was a renter, but these are all very important topics to consider. I might end up renting again in about five years, so I will keep this page in-mind for reference.

  • Free wifi would be great … my senior year of college we had free (wired) internet but hooked up our wifi router. At my last place, tenants paid for electricity but water + heat were paid for, which was nice.

  • These questions are so important when you are renting a place. You don’t want to go to sign the lease or finally move-in and realize you are responsible for more than you thought.

  • These are all important questions that need to ask by renters and need to answer by the landlord or landlady. These things are needs to clarify and to be understood by both parties. Thank you for sharing this with us it will be a great help for those who are going to rent a house.

  • These are the things that need to clarify by the renters to the landlord so that we can avoid any problems between the two parties. Thank you for sharing this it will be a big help.

  • These are such important questions. When you sign on the line you must know what you are signing for. Thanks for the tips!

  • Tenants should be asking all sorts of questions when they are thinking about renting a place. This is a great place to start!

  • There are a ton of questions I had when renting too. I like a house better, we’re saving to buy again.

  • Those are really important questions not need to be asked and clarify to your landlord. Thank you for sharing this with us Such a useful post.

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