Which One is Better: the Japanese Tatami or the Bed


Lots of people want to replace the bed by the Japanese Tatami. But is it feasible to do so? Melody home shows you the difference between the bed andJapanese Tatami

Nowadays, the Japanese Tatami is well welcomed in peoples. The siting on the ground feeling give the busy people a relax feeling. Therefore, many people consider Japanese Tatamias the decoration for the dream bedrooms when decorating. Is Japanese Tatami better or the bed better?

For Japanese Tatami

For JapaneseTatami,winter warm and summer cool and the hardness is in the suitable degree, which is helpful for the development of children’s skeleton and the spine and lumbar spine for the old. Especially for the people live in urban busy people, it can relieve their fatigue. Japanese Tatami is used in a wide range. It not only can work as a special paving material for room decorating, but also serve as the healthy mattress according to the habit of Chinese. What is more, it is the best tool for sports program such as judo and fencing.

The function of Japanese Tatami

It is made by natural plants, which are environmental protection, winter warm and summer cool. Besides, it is helpful to relieve your fatigue as well as prevent bending for the skeleton. And it can absorb and release the moister so that it has fine moister adjustment function. It is a kind of healthy mattress, which can pave the floor. As it has some elastic and damping effect, the gym and gymnasium adapt it a lot.

The difference between Japanese Tatami and the bed

The Japanese Tatami is an extension for the flooring decorating. Even for the platform of Japanese Tatami, it just lifts the height a little. While, the bed is a kind of furniture, you can move with you when you move house. The Japanese Tatami belongs to customized products, which is hard to move when you moving house. Therefore, if you may move house in five fears, you had better not buy Japanese Tatami. The bed is much suitable for you.

Which is better?

The advantage for Japanese Tatami is that you can customize it according to your actual space. Therefore, it is much effective on using space. And you may store lots of items under the Japanese Tatami.

The advantage for the bed is that it designs according to the height of the human beings. And allocate mattress on it. Therefore, the coziness degree suit the human needs better.

To conclude

Though theJapanese Tatami is in popular and favor by many young people, the bed as the traditional furniture cannot be replaced. Though the Japanese Tatami is good enough, the bed is much suitable for people. Click here to learn more.


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