Off Base in Style: Why Many are Looking at Off Base Housing

Is it relocation time for your military family? One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is where you will live. Off base housing is a popular choice as persons realize the many alternatives and benefits it offers.

Let’s look at whyoff base housing is so appealing to many military families.

There are many options to choose from:

With off base housing you have access to all that the housing market has to offer. From condos to homes with large yards, single family homes to apartments, the choice is yours.

You could end up saving money:

On base, your basic allowance for housing (BAH) is generally sent directly to the private housing contractor. If your choice of off base housing costs less than the BAH you receive, however, then you get to keep the extra.

You get a wider range of amenities:

Amenities like a fitness center and Wi-Fi café can be found on or off base, but with off base housing you tend to get much more. The Riverwalk Apartments San Antonio, for example, adds a resort-style swimming pool complete with sun shelf to the amenities it offers.

Add personal touches:

There are strict guidelines as to what you can and cannot do to on base housing you occupy.Off base, you are in charge of your home and yard. The decisions on paint color, landscaping, additions and decorative elements are all up to you.

Separate home and service life:

Many military families prefer having some separation and distance between military and home life. With off base living, you and your family also get more opportunities to interact with non-military persons.

May be more convenient for your spouse:

While you get the benefit of close proximity to work when you live on base, it may be inconvenient for your spouse in terms of their commute to work. Off base housing might offer a compromise which works for both of you.

Less restrictions over running a home-based business:

If your spouse runs a home-based business, then it must be in accordance with base regulations and raises the likely that permission may be denied. Off base, a military spouse has much more latitude as to the type of home-based business they can operate.

Become part of a community:

Military families with children, in particular, tend to appreciate setting down roots in a civilian community.By living in the community, your family members are able to make deeper connections at places like church, school, the grocery store and community events.

It could become extra income:

If you purchase an off base home and later on you are required to relocate, then it can earn you some money as a rental property. Just be aware that you will have all the usual landlord responsibilities, such as making repairs when they become necessary.

Deciding whether to live on-base or go with off base housing is an important move which will affect many areas of your family’s lives. You can weigh on-base convenience against the off base perks we have looked at here to find the best solution for you.

  • Now, this is a great tips and very informative too. I’ve agree in everything you’ve said. Looking for house it is better at Off base housing. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  • This was a really interesting post indeed. I havent heard much about off base housing so it was helpful to learn more about it.

  • Definitely things to think about when you are a member of the military. You need to be concerned about your family and if you can have your own space, that would feel better.

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