Michigan’s Top Home Warranty Companies

Michigan is great. The Mackinac Island and Bridge, Isle Royale, the amazing lakeshore, and of course the Sleeping Bear Dunes which are considered one of the most mesmerizing places in North America. There is a lot going on for Michigan making it one of the most desirable states to move to in 2018 (and supposedly, the only place to move to in the year of 2100).

The downside of Michigan? Well, you know it already – cold winters. Whereas it will never go below 50 degrees in San Diego, a rough Michigan winter can go below 10 degrees. It’s not too bad, in all honesty, but it does take it toll on home appliances and systems.

One of the most elaborate and expensive home systems that comes into effect only during wintertime is obviously heating. The average cost of a gas heating system in the USA is $10,000-$14,000. If the temperature drops below 20 and your heating system is not working, you may need to spend an incredible amount of money out of pocket. How about your fridge freezer which may get over-cold during the cold winters, and as a result of that, malfunction? Washing machines and press machines of all sorts are also prone to breaking in cold winters, and fixing them or replacing them may cost a pretty penny.

This is why a product named “home warranties” is getting extremely popular in Michigan. Michigan’s top home warranty companies offer a very simple solution to the problem that was presented in this article: it’s a form of an insurance that minimizes the risk of having to fix or replace very expensive items at the same time upon the beginning of the winter. These companies dispatch their own home professionals, and help customers to call in an expert in any field using one phone.

Does a home warranty in Michigan really worth the money? Well, that heavily depends on several factors. The home warranty company, the home warranty plan chosen, its cost, what it covers and perhaps most importantly – how expensive or inexpensive, new or old, are the systems and appliances in your house. In many cases, clients are very disgruntled with the way home warranty companies have been behaving them. “We have been paying our policy on time, for years, and when we really need them, they’re not there to help”, is a common complaint on internet forums and review websites.

To avoid a situation in which you are paying for a product that doesn’t really help you with anything, you need to have a cold hard look at the terms and conditions of each plan offered by each company and see that you’re sufficiently covered when you need it. Home warranties in Michigan and elsewhere in the USA are not regulated in the same format as do home insurance companies, thus, the home warranty Service Agreement may be really poor for the client.

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