The Key Point for American Style Decorating

The Key Point for American Style Decorating

In so many decorating styles, American style pursues freedom, cozy and utility. It is noble, bold but do not lack of freedom. Therefore, many people decorate their house into American style. shows you some key design point for American style.

Concise and lively living room

The living room as the room for treating guests, it often requires concise and lively. At the same time, compared with other rooms, living room is much brighter and fresher. It normally uses lots of stone materials and woody surface to decorate. Americans like the things with history. It is not only reflected on the absorption for the imitation of antique art works, but also on the preference of the imitation of ancient wall tiles and stone materials as well as pursuit of all kinds of vintage anti arts. All in all, American style living room is wide and full of history atmosphere.

Warm bedroom

It is very warm for the layout of the bedroom of the American style. As the secret space for the owners, it mainly focuses on function and utility. For the normal bedroom, it does not design the drop ceiling lights, but use the set of warm and soft fabric to decorate. At the same time, the softy decoration and usage of color are well unified.

Simple and utility study room

The American style study room is very simple and utility. But the softy decoration is very rich. All kinds of display which are the symbolizations of the past living experience are from soup to nuts such as the old books which have rolled their corners, the yellowed sail map, rural scenery painting. Even if they are decoration items, they add scores for the American style.

Open and wide kitchen

The kitchen in American style is open and wide. At the same time, a dining table is in a corner of the kitchen. Besides, it has strong function and durable kitchen utensils such as the baking machine and residue grinder. There should have enough space for operating table board to contain the refrigerator with double doors. What is more, it has requirements on decorating such as keen on the imitation of ancient tiles, solid wood cabinet doors. The window usually collocates with curtain.

If you are interested in the interior decorating styles, you can learn more about others styles on You will like one of those styles.


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