Outdoor-Lighting Ideas for a Warm and Inviting Glow

Artistic Lights

Are you planning to hold a social function outside your home? At a garden or at the beach, perhaps? Whatever outdoor setting you have chosen, you should be mindful of the lighting for the place, especially if your party will last until nighttime.

Your guests might find it difficult to watch where they’re going or appreciate the food on their plates. Lights can really make a difference, especially if you and your guests intend to take a lot of pictures. Here are some outdoor-lighting ideas compiled just for you. These creative tips were taken from HGTV and Contemporist.


Lanterns are convenient sources of illumination since they can easily be transferred from one place to another. You can also decorate your outdoor venue more creatively through these.

There are several types of lanterns sold in hardware stores today. You can find different styles as well as ones that use candles or LED lights.

String of Lights

A string of lights can give you a classic vintage feel for your outdoor setting. String lighting can be an inexpensive way for illumination in any kind of setup. You can simply string the lights up and leave them hanging in an appropriate area, and you will have a cozy party.

Lights on Steps and Walkways

You might be concerned about your guests’ safety during the nighttime. A fitting solution to your concern is putting some lights on steps, walkways, or handrails. This will also give a modern look to your outdoor setting.

Orbs and Spheres

Orbs and spheres are very much suitable for garden venues since they give a mystical feel to the place. It makes your garden or backyard look like it is a little paradise. You can choose to hang them individually or cluster them.

Pots and Planters

Pots and planters can hold the most beautiful flowers and attractive plants during the day and can be elements for lighting at night. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them are even solar illuminated. Certainly, pots and planters will help you channel your decorative ideas in place.

Glowing Furniture and House Features

You can also add glowing chairs and other kinds of glowing furniture to your outdoor setting. This will allow you to save some money since you already have lighting and a furniture piece in one.

Another way of improving your outdoor venue is to use the features of your house or your rented place for lighting. For instance, if you are at a pool party, you can hang a string of lights over the swimming pool. The swimming pool will reflect the brightness of these lights, thereby illuminating the whole place instantly.

You can also use the uplighting technique, wherein lights must be positioned under trees and plants or right up against a wall. This will make your outdoor venue have a more comfortable and dramatic ambiance.


Lamps also add more vibrancy to your outdoor setting, especially when they are placed on tables. Lamps are not just for indoor purposes as well. They can illuminate your table well, allowing your guests to appreciate the food on their plates.


Candles always add a romantic glow to dinner functions, and they are ideal for anniversaries and weddings. Some party hosts might be afraid to use candles because of the possible threat of a raging fire. However, there are now LED candle lights that eliminate this threat. You just have to handle every kind of light (whether flame, electric, or battery powered) with caution and care.

Landscape lighting using attractive, durable, and functional tools can help you achieve some of these outdoor lighting ideas. Do not think twice when it comes to channeling your creativity in decorating your outdoor venue. Every social gathering needs bright lights, especially when it lasts for long nights of cheers, laughter, and music. Lights are indeed the true life of the party.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels


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