Intruder Proof Your Home & Avoid the Illusion of Security

It doesn’t matter what part of Australia you live in. There will always be an opportunist thief that will have a go if your house appears vulnerable.

This is why there are an estimated 200,000 burglaries in Australia each year.

This is why it is essential to learn how to intruder proof your home properly; without just feeling like it has been done.

Get A Professional

This might seem like an obvious step but many people purchase their own intruder systems and install them. Then they wonder why they don’t work as they hoped.

Use an electrical security services which have a good reputation and they will be able to advise you regarding the best system to fit in your home.

Electrical systems need to be linked to your mains power and to have a back-up battery device. This will make it difficult for an intruder to get into your property undetected.

Review Your Locks

Door Lock SecurityHaving a lock makes you feel like your home is secure. But the reality is that there are very few locks that cannot be picked by a professional intruder.

In fact most amateur burglars can get past a lock in a matter of moments.

Of course you need to lock your door but if you’re inside the house then consider adding a lock bolt. This is as good as having a steel door.

But, your windows are generally much easier to get in through than your doors. Even adding a window lock will do little to slow down an intruder.

It is therefore a good idea to invest in some quality shutters that lock from the inside. They can be forced but they will take longer and potentially make more noise.

The Secret Intruders Don’t Want You To Know

The fact is virtually any house can be broken into. The real issue is how much time an intruder has.

You can measure this. You need to add the response time of the police to how long it will take them to get to you. This will give you a guide as to how long an intruder needs to be kept out of your home.

Most will not attempt to break in if they feel they won’t be gone before the cops get there.

Intruder Proofing

With this in mind you need to look at ways in which to prolong the entry time for an intruder. Alongside this a good night camera system will make it difficult for them not to be spotted; no intruder wants to be seen breaking in.

You need to keep the vegetation away from your windows and doors; this will ensure they do not have any dark spaces to hide in.

You must have a loud alarm system to wake you and get the police on the way.

You then need adequate locks and lights to make sure the intruder will take at least 5 minutes to get in. Throw in a dog or two and you’ll suddenly find that your house is not an attractive proposition.

There are easier targets the intruder will move on to.


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