How to Keep Your Trees Healthy in the Backyard

Backyard with Trees

If you have trees in your backyard then it’s important that you monitor them. In bad weather, trees can come crashing down and damage your property or neighbors. They can also quickly become overgrown and cause an issue to other plants or even the amount of sun in yours, or your neighbor’s house.

In fact, in some cases, the best way to keep your trees healthy and your property safe is actually to use a good firm specializing in tree removals Sydney. Fortunately, with a little care this is not always necessary. Here’s how to keep your trees healthy.

Plant Right

Just like any other plants a tree needs sun, nutrients, and water. It also needs enough space to grow and for its roots to spread, without damaging the surrounding structures. Don’t forget that the average tree root structure is the same size as the branch area.

If you’re the one planting the tree then you need to consider the right spot for it, that’s the first step in keeping your tree healthy.

If it’s already planted then you need to assess whether it‘s in a good position. IF not, it will need to be removed and possibly replanted.

Water Regularly

Your tree needs water, established trees may get everything they need from the soil but it doesn’t hurt to know what type of tree you have and how much watering it needs. This can ensure that it gets all the water it needs, regardless of the weather.

A general guideline for a mature tree is one inch of water a week. A newly planted tree may need as much as 4-10 gallons a week!


Fertilizers are the nutrients that your tree needs. It’s worth adding fertilizers to the soil, especially if your tree is young. You’ll also find that the constant tidying of your yard removes many of the materials that decompose to create nutrients for your trees.

Using a slow-release fertilizer is best and test your soil regularly to ensure the tree is getting everything it needs.

Mulch the Base

Mulching the base helps to insulate the roots of your tree. It also makes it easier to cut the grass by your tree and can even prevent harmful insects from getting to your tree. It can also help the soil to retain moisture for your tree.

But, you must make sure you don’t cover the base of your trunk as this will increase the likelihood of fungal growth, which is not good for your tree.

Trim Them

You know your tree when branches start to droop and look like they are dying, trim them off the tree. This will encourage the nutrients to go into the rest of the tree, helping it to stay healthy.

It is advisable to trim your tree when it is dormant as this will prevent the trimming from affecting the tree negatively.

Don’t forget that you can also get your tree removal specialist to inspect your tree on an annual basis and advise regarding any potential health issues. They can help you to keep the tree healthy and avoid having to remove it.


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