Five Different Types of Water Filters: Which one suits your needs?

A water filter has become an essential item in many homes. In fact estimates suggest that sales have doubled in the last year.

But, were you aware that there are actually several different types of water filter and that you should get the right one for your needs and the water entering your home?

Here are the 5 most common water filters and why you should choose them.

  1. Reverse Osmosis

This is one of the most popular water filters as it is capable of removing small particles such as metal, chlorides and a variety of other chemicals.

The reverse osmosis water filter works through 5 stages; it has a sediment base to remove rust and sludge, an activated carbon section to get rid of chlorine and an ultra fine membrane to ensure even the tiniest of particles are removed.

It then continues to remove dust and fine grains through the prolonged contact filter and even polishes the water to give it a smooth, crisp taste.

In many ways this is the most effective of all the filters and should be considered if you want to remove all contaminants and have clear, odor free water.

  1. Activated Carbon

These are generally found in your under sink filter units. The activated carbon has a huge surface area which is excellent at preventing small particles from getting through.

Normal carbon or charcoal is activated by being exposed to heat and then oxygen; this opens the pores in it dramatically increasing the surface area and its effectiveness as a water filter.

This is great for convenience while removing the majority of substances and improving the taste of your water.

  1. The Ionizer

This is a different type of filter. Instead of the water passing through a substance to remove the unwanted particles and chemicals the ionizer works through electrolysis.

There are plates inside this filter which have a small electric charge running through them. The plates divide the water into two sections; one will be acidic while the other alkaline.

Incoming water moves round the plates becoming less acidic in the process. The alkaline water is pushed through into your taps. This is much softer than normal which is better for your skin.

This is a great filter to have if you live in a hard water area.

  1. Infrared Filter

This is another filter designed to soften your water and should be used if you live in a hard water area. This filter is great if you are keen on looking after the environment as it uses no chemicals.

Instead of chemicals it uses heat and infrared light to charge the water with negative ions; making it more alkaline in the process.

  1. UV Filters

This is a relatively recent advancement in the world of water filters. It works by directing ultraviolet radiation into the water. This is not something that will affect your health.

The UV radiation effectively kills bacteria in the water although it is not able to remove debris. Again, this is a great environmentally friendly option.

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