6 Important Tips To Prevent Kitchen Fires At Home!

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According to studies, the number one cause of most fire incidents at home is cooking fire. Of course, the most common scenario you can ever think of are pans left unattended for quite a period of time. However, there are also other small causes that you may never have heard of.

Kitchen by PIX1861

House fires are always bad news for you and your family. This is why you must prevent it from happening at all costs. In order to do this, you must know the various ways on how you can prevent kitchen fires.

Here are some tips that can help you get started:

Be mindful of your clothing.

Since you are at home, you think you can dress however you wish. Well, that Is true at some point. However, there are some types of clothes and fabric that you should avoid wearing while you cook. These may include long, flowy fabrics as well as large-fitting T-shirts. It is always recommended that you wear close fitted sleeves and a well-fitted apron. If you must wear baggy shirts, you can always tie them at the back while you cook.

Do not leave cooking unattended.

If you are cooking something, then you should avoid leaving the kitchen. In the event that there is a need for you to do so, be safe and turn off your stove, and remove any pots and pans from the heat. This goes the same with broiling food with the use of the oven. You must also turn off your broiler and take the food out of the oven.

Take a look at the items near the stove top.

It is a must that you remove any flammable items from your stove top. Common materials that can be found near the stove top that must be removed include curtains, kitchen towels and kitchen cords.

Use oven mitts instead of kitchen towels.

When you are taking a pot off the burner, it would be wiser to use an oven mitt. This is because a kitchen towel has the tendency to dangle down. There will be an increased chance that it will touch the burner and might be set on fire.

Dispense hot grease the right way.

A lot of people throw hot grease in the trash can. After all, the grease is not on fire so it is perfectly safe, right? Wrong. Even if the grease has no fire, it has the tendency to cause any other materials in your garbage to burn. Instead, allow the grease to cool down then pour it into any used cans you have.

Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

It is always better to be prepared. After all, it’s okay to be safe than sorry, right? In the event that you were not able to prevent fire, then you need to have something to help you extinguish the flames. Having a fire extinguisher can create the difference between a burnt pan and a burnt kitchen. Aside from having the fire extinguisher, it is best if you know how to use it too.

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A house on fire is never a good experience, regardless of any way you look at it. So, do yourself and your family a big favor and put all these tips into practice.

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  • Kitchen fires are scary. Our neighbor fell asleep while cooking something a few years back and half of his house burnt down.

  • These are very important tips. We should always practice safety in the kitchen. I have a fire extinguisher near the stove and I make sure I check and double check if the stove and the oven are turned off before I leave the kitchen.

  • This tips are a great reminder! We need a fire extinguisher in our house yet (just moved in). I always check to make sure the oven/stove is off before I leave for anywhere.

  • Having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen is often overlooked by many homeowners. Another great tip is if you are baking something in the oven that might pop or spill over, put a cookie sheet or aluminum foil on the rack under your baking item. Grease, juice, or anything else that can pop over and end up on the hot element can catch fire.

  • These are all great tips for new cooks in the kitchen. My teens like to walk away when cooking. It drives me bonkers. I have told them to sit at the table with their tablet or phone to wait the time out if needed.

  • My daughter was frying french fries and turned her back for a couple of moments to answer a question her son was asking and the oil got too hot and caused a kitchen fire. Good thing her husband grabbed the fire extinguisher. Scary!

  • This is a great list!! It is scary how fast a fire in the kitchen can start! My boys are getting to the age where they will start cooking in the kitchen. I teach them to put on an apron (to tie clothing back), roll up their sleeves and be aware!

  • Luckily we’ve never had a fire of any kind. I’ll have to be honest when I say we’re pretty lucky though! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve melted colanders or burned an oven mitt before realizing we placed it on a hot burner… Like I said, we’ve been lucky!

  • If you do have a fire, you should use baking soda to put out an over fire. First turn off the stove. Don’t attempt to extinguish if there are huge flamess already. I had a pot holder catch fire one time. I closed the oven door and turned off the oven. Then tossed baking soda on it. I went ahead and called the fire department just to make sure everything was good.

    Grease fires are often common too. Never throw water on those. Use a lid to try to extinguish. I think you can use baking soda too but don’t quote me. 🙂

  • These tips are so important. We had a house (kitchen) fire when I was younger and it’s something that I will never forget. Very scary.

  • These are really great tips. We don’t use oil so we don’t have to worry about that aspect and we have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen just in case. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Wonderful wonderful tips. My neighbors recently had a bad kitchen fire and it’s really made me more aware of whats going on in the kitchen.

  • I am always scared that a fire is going to burn down our house. I am a worry wart when it comes to that sort of stuff. I am always after my husband and daughter, who do the majority of the cooking in our home, to make sure that they cut the stove or oven off when they are done with it and to keep things off the eyes of the stove. Your tips are great!

  • I couldn’t agree more with your tips. We definitely have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and I make sure not to leave cooking unattended.

  • I’ve seen a sleeve go up in flames while someone was wearing it. Definitely scary, and a great point to bring up!

  • We almost had a fire a few weeks ago. Kiddo and I were making a one-pot meal that requires simmering. I turned the burner off when we were getting ready to leave. On our way out the door I had to grab something and I must have bumped it in my rush. When we got back from our movie the kitchen was a cloud of smoke and our entire pot was burned; no longer a liquid but a solid. I was so freaked out that I almost burned down the house, and gave my poor dogs and cat a scare in the process.

  • These are great tips. I have to be very careful cooking in my kitchen because of my 1950s Chambers stove. It has an open pilot on the top of the range and I have to light the stove each time I use it. But I love to cook with it!!

  • These are great tips to prevent kitchen fires. I will have to check my fire extinguisher to see if it is still fully charged.

  • This is a good list for prevention. I need to do better of walking away from my cooking…I do it from time to time for short periods.

  • This is such a great post. Not many people would think to think of these things esp the baggy shirt! I know with me I wear whatever but I always notice as im starting to cook if the top is suitable for cooking or not. This is a great post thanks so much for sharing!

  • These are some great tips! Thankfully I haven’t had any fires in my kitchen but unfortunately hubby did when he was a kiddo. Now he gets freaked out every time he sees any steam or smoke in the kitchen lol

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