Does Your Home Look Inviting To Intruders?

It doesn’t bare thinking about, but it happens on a daily basis, and it could happen to you. Having your home broken into, or being burgled is a problem nobody wants to deal with. But are you inadvertently advertising your home to unwanted guests?

You may not realise it, but a door with a faulty lock, a gate without a chain, or a window that’s always left open when you’re out – even just a crack, could be all it takes for an intruder to take their chance.

So, what’s the answer? Well, here you’ll find a range of tips to help you make your home more secure and maybe even open your eyes to how.

Outdoor signage!

It might seem simple, but a large, bold sign that reads “CCTV in operation” or a simple “Beware of the Dog” sign, could be all it takes to ward off any potential thief. A company like provides custom made signs and can even offer advice. Even if you don’t actually have these things on your property. It’s a cheap and cost effective way to add a little more security.

Is anybody home?

Thief BurglarMake your home look occupied at all times: leave lights and the TV on when you go out. You could even leave a pair of shoes by the front door!

Nowhere to hide!

Keep trees and bushes around your home trimmed so that they do not provide hiding spaces for intruders.

Hello neighbour!

Get to know your neighbours. No one likes a nosey neighbour, but good neighbours will be on the lookout for unusual activity and are great for putting out bins and emptying the letterbox when you’re away.


Check that all doors and windows are locked before you leave the house or go to bed. Even when you are at home, keep external doors locked and it might be inconvenient, but avoid keeping spare keys in obvious hiding places outside your home. Under doormats, potted plants and lawn ornaments are the first place someone may look.

Make lighting your new best friend!

Ensure that driveways, pathways, and entry points to you home have adequate lighting.  Install motion sensor lights on the exterior of your home. Use a range of lights on timers indoors and stagger when they turn on and off so your home looks genuinely occupied. This is not only great for times when you’re travelling but also for nights when you are caught working late or are out in the evenings.


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