Home Hacks That Ads Value To Your Home

Home owners would opt to carry out home remodeling projects in order to increase the value of their home. The sad part is, these home remodeling projects can become quite costly. This is the very reason why most people would allow their houses to just be instead of taking initiative to improve not only the looks but also the function of their homes. What these people should realize is the fact that improving their homes does not have to be that expensive. In fact, a little tweak here and there would surely go a long way.

Adding value to a home is also a big problem for renters since they only have limited options when it comes to upgrading the looks and functions of the house they are currently renting.

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In order to help you promote home improvement without having to shell out huge amounts of cash and find solutions to get away from your decoration restrictions, here are some home hacks that you should apply:

Living Room Hacks

Swap furniture.

If you do not have money to buy new furniture but you wish to update the look of your home, then it is best that you switch the furniture from one room to the other. Of course, you must think of the pieces that would have the same function. Plus, this would require you to switch to different themes and styles for each room.

Add central heating.

This is recommended if you do not still have one. True, this is quite expensive but the value that would be added to your home once this is installed will be way beyond your expenses.

Bathroom Hacks

Fix exhaust fan.

One of the most important parts of the bathroom is the exhaust fan. Sadly, its performance will degrade as time goes by, In the event that you have noticed the difference with its performance and replacing is not an option for you, you can easily clean it thoroughly with the use of a vacuum hose with an attached brush.

Revive your tiles.

Overtime, you will notice that grout lines have accumulated dirt and it can surely detract the beauty of your bathroom. Tile replacement can become expensive. If this is not an option for you, then you can try using grout cleaners in order to bring back the life of these tiles. If you are afraid of using these harsh chemicals, you can make one of your own. Use a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Also, you can take advantage of steam spot cleaner.

Kitchen Hacks

Take advantage of rugs.

Your kitchen flooring will surely take its toll with all the traffic that it has been receiving. If you wish to cover your ugly kitchen flooring, you can try spicing up its look with the use of colorful rugs. Rugs come in different design, styles, sizes and shape so you can easily find one that would suit your taste.

Improve your countertop.

Are you already tired of looking at your old countertops? Seeing this for every day for the past few years can surely become tiring and boring. Replacing a counter top is not exactly a small change. You, however, can cover it! For renters, putting a a big cutting board on a portion of the countertop is recommended. For home owners, painting counter tops is recommended.

Whether you are living in your very own home or in a house for rent, these home hacks would prove to be very useful in improving and adding value in your residence. Follow these simple hacks and boost the value of your home the cheapest ways possible!

  • I love using rugs to help decorate my rooms. I think it is important to have at least two for each room to match the seasons. In my living room, I had a rug with fall colors and then my second one had spring pastels. I keep my furniture neutral but add new throw pillows for pop. Thanks for sharing your ideas. 🙂

  • I think well-placed area rugs do add a lot to a space. That’s great advice. Also, I always look at countertops, so I can see that it would be a good investment.

  • I really love the idea of adding rugs to change up a space and make it look more inviting. We bought our house just over a year ago, and I plan for it to be our last. I’m not looking to sell, but these are great ideas to make it look it’s best!

  • Great tips! I totally agree – it’s a good idea to a do a little tweak here and there to increase the home value. Homeowners should look into fixing existing appliances, tiles, etc. before putting the house in the market or even before upgrading the home.

  • These are some simple yet awesome hacks to makeover a home. I always love swapping furnitures in my living room so guests see something different & new every time they visit here. And fixing exhaust fan in the bathroom is so important as well.

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