Can This Become The Future Of All Futuristic Homes? Unbelievably Awesome House!

Yo Home Future Home

Living in a small space home doesn’t mean you won’t have space for everything you wanted. In the video below, Simon Woodroffe (ex-Dragon’s Den star) shared us his revolutionary home masterpiece, the YO! Home.

Yo Home Future Home

YO! Home offers FOUR TIMES the rooms and features as a typical one-bedroom flat – but within the same confines. YO! Home prototype works by hiding rooms which then appear at the touch of a button or the pull of a wall with an amazing bedroom lowered down from the roof.

There are mix reactions about this Woodroffe’s creative home design. Some are saying that it’s revolutionary and it can be the future of homes. It can somewhat solve the problems caused by expensive real estate and overpopulation. Futuristic people are saying that this design can revolutionize housing in urban areas where there is a very limited amount of space.

Those who are not impressed with this creative house prototype are saying that creating such home could be expensive and real pain in terms of maintenance because of the technology and mechanical technology involved.

As of now, no one knows when Simon Woodroffe or the YO! Home company will put it out in the market. So for now, enjoy the prototype video below!

Fold out flat is space saving house of the future!


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